Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On my walls

Behind our kitchen table is a mirror.  Well I got sick of the kids staring at themselves instead of eating their food and seeing my backside all the time....plus I had been looking for a print of this hymn (you failed me Etsy!) so decided one day to make a version myself...with whatever paper I had on hand. The colors match my room.  I love this hymn, "Have I done any good in the World today?"

Now, Darby asked me almost every day, "Mom have I done any good in the world today?  Have I helped anyone in need?..."  you get the picture

Summer is upon us.  Finally.  And since last summer we welcomed a beautiful baby (ie: watched movies and ate mcdonalds), I am going to tackle this summer dang it!  We are going to be organized and have fun and my children will still work and read.  And I will not turn into that horrible monster lady by August whose children are running away from her to go back to school. 

Sooo....Thanks to good ole pinterest and seeing options, I decided to make a bucket list.  
Darby and Paisley helped too. 

Edible Playdough...check

But as I look at this list I'm thinking summer might not be long enough or
this list could be the most brilliant thing or my summer demise.  Time will tell.
At least its really cute on the door to the garage.

We will see fireworks this year dang it, haven't for the last 3 years I think.
They better be freaking awesome.


Beth said...

Brooke I love that you put the hymn on the mirror. So awesome.

And I'll need your tips for what to do around here this summer. All the sudden my kids are home, and since we just moved I find myself totally unorganized about it. Ugh! Good times. Bring on summer.

Nancy Jo said...

Great idea with the mirror!! Love that hymn - good reminder. Your bucket list sounds FUN! I want to come : )

embot said...

LOVE IT ALL! will you come be my mom?

Amber said...

Nice list. WE made one too. I stole some of your ideas that we forgot. I can't believe you haven't come to watch Fireworks with us yet.

sara said...

I knew you had something creative on the mirror...love it!!

Renee said...

Catching up on all your Utah pics. Sad we didn't get to see you! Love the mirror and LOVE that you put Monster Burgers. :)