Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rest of Utah

 Yes these pictures will be on the blog!  I mean how can I not get baby Kennedy!
We saw baby Emma too but dang it I didn't get her picture!

 Luke holding corn snake.  We loved feeding the neighborhood horses.

 I know this isn't a super flattering pictures and yes well i do look perpetually 4 months pregnant why thanks for asking, but I was dang exciting to feed a horse.

 The babies, including Isabel Evans at Stephanie's house (aka, the cousin I worshiped growing up)
 Sean and Cameron, my cousins kids.

 more pictures from bridal veil falls. I got to see claire three times this visit!  3 times!  She was up for whatever adventure we were going on!  Even going to Mt. Timpanogos temple early Saturday morning! 

  Mt. Timpanogos temple in American Fork, Utah.  This is the temple I was married in, the temple I went in for the first time, and frankly I hadn't been inside in a long time and I really wanted to so I did.  Even if it was early in the morning after a long week with no husband.  It was just as pretty as I remembered, but I was surprised at how much I'd forgotten what the inside looked like.

Sometimes you don't care what you look like or if your necklace should have been longer, I just needed proof that I, and my 33 year old mother of five self was there.  Much changed woman since the 20 year old who first went there and my understanding has grown after all these years attending the temple, but I will always have a special place in my heart for this one.  Plus it has a tinge of purple throughout.  Triple plus that I got to go inside three different temples during our trip!

 My Aunt Pam with two of her many grand babies.  Mae and Reese.

 Darby with Brinkley.  Still grateful for the McCoys who fed us along the way, it was so good to stop along the trip.

The whole trip to Utah, even though we were there over a week, left me wishing we visited more often and saw our family and friends out there more.  Plus there was more we needed to do!  And while I would love to live there, having us live in California will make going to BYU that more exciting for our kids who will get to experience the mountains and living close to so much church stuff in college like we did.

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