Sunday, June 17, 2012

Salt Lake Temple

The next weekend in Utah we went to my cousin's Jessica's wedding!  
She found herself a Jason to marry!
They are the cutest couple and we were so happy they were getting married in the temple.
My Jason told me that Jessica was 10 when we got married,
my girls loved seeing her as a beautiful bride. 
You can sneak a teeny peak but she was wearing blue keds :)

 This is my favorite picture of these cute little girls in pretty dresses climbing up the fence. 

My second favorite picture is this one of all the Evans grandchildren, all twelve.  Notice the two babies on the left compared to Courtney's baby on the right.  hehehe...


My cousins, Alison and Abby and sister Courtney, all the same age.  

Our family in front of the conference center which is where general conference is held twice a year.

ok so i just had to include this awesome picture of my cousin alison and her husband steve cause he looks so dang dapper with that cane...I mean railing that happened to be at the right angle...unplanned.

 oh yes, and Garlan came to the temple to help with the kids while we were inside for the ceremony.  And of course they played ninja. Jason was actually wearing his suit...

Loved this picture of Ivy and showing what a windy day it was.  Total change for the saturday before which was super hot.

We love weddings.  Especially temple marriages!

Yes thats a sucker in Ivy's hand.  Hey, I got hot tips coming all over the place and sometimes a lollipop for a baby at a wedding (and also an ipad) is smart...ish.

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