Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Grand-Father's Day to our wonderful grandpas!  We love you!  Miss you!

Love, Luke, Darby, Baylie, Paisle, & Ivy

Special Shout out to Jason who took care of everything yesterday while I while I stayed in bed sick all day (he cleaned the house and took care of the kids).  It was the pits to be sick, but thank goodness it was on a Saturday!  He was really a rockstar and I was really not doing well.  So nice that he just stepped in so naturally.  Even though it meant I wasn't ready for father's day this morning, but we will just celebrate later today. 

If you want to read about what Jason's parents are doing on their mission in Argentina, check out this blog ..  all of the mccoy siblings can post on it, but you can tell which ones tell about life in argentina. 


Nancy Jo said...

Love the song! Funny Ivy eating paper : ) So sorry you were sick - hope you are doing better!! Thanks Jason for taking care of the family - you are a terrific father!

Tanya said...

Thank goodness for awesome Dads!!! I felt the same way last weekend when I was gone for the whole weekend, all was well when I returned and the house was not really any worse than I had left it :)