Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Freaking out

Sooo....about a week ago I got a few boxes in the mail

and have been having a lot of fun going through them.

Lots of fun.

Because on a whim,

(most my ideas are on a whim..ie: piano, oh and they are great ideas I tell you!)

I decided I would have a paparazzi party...

Why? Because I wanted to.

Oh man oh man, am I in trouble.

All week I've been opening all this jewelry and bows and headbands!

Its like a store in my bedroom

...and I keep pulling more and more aside for me to keep!

It has been fun. And total party to talk shop with the boss :)

am not a big home party person. I like to go to them, just not have them.

I do like having parties. Parties are fun.

I'm kinda an anti
seller if there is one.

I can't even sell stuff on Craigslist. I just give it away.

But I really like this.

My family are all big fans.

And I'm kinda of getting addicted to opening all this up, its like Christmas in June.

I mean who wouldn't want to open necklaces labeled Glimpses of Malibu?

I am in love with all the cuffs. I think I should have ordered more. Cause there are no dang duplicates in all the boxes! Of anything! So when its gone its gone and so now can you see what I just want to keep so much!

I like these too.
But this one spoke to me and said she really wanted to look cute on my wrist and she totally did.

I just unpacked these ones tonite and she whispered go big or go home.
Here is my totally awesome shot trying to model a necklace. Speaking of, maybe I should just go into modeling cause I look like a pro.

Okay these are the earrings I've kept so far... I mean they matched my outfits so well.

Not bad for $5. $5 everything. The schtick is guilt free shopping. Is schtick a secret bad word like schmuck is? Someone please tell me.
Before this when I've wanted something I had driving to Hurricane or gone to one of her shows or something. But nobody sells it here so I was stuck. Hence my first par-tay.
Super cool learning more about my friend's business and amazed at what goes into it.
She designs every piece. Is that like the most fun job ever?
Yes you can come to my house on Thursday if you want to see the bonanza...
Yes I will even vacumn first. Wahoo paparazzi!
How awesome that I'm having my first paparazzi party on the boss's birthday!
Like we will be partying in California for Misty;) Paparazzi breaking into Los Angeles...
Thursday, you are invited. I'll be the one wearing 6 bracelets, 4 necklaces and 1 very large pair of earrings, a headband, a bow and two rings ;)
Here is the website if you live far away and want to check it out. HERE
WARNING: you can't get Paparazzi online or in a catalog, you have to know a seller or become a seller, thats how the biz works.
Now I really gotta go so I can figure out where to put everything, wish me luck.


Nancy Jo said...

I LOVE all the jewelry! The earrings on the right have my name on them! As far as a jewelry model/photographer.... it made me smile. I wished I lived closer so I could come! I am impressed with Paparazzi!!!

Beth said...

cute stuff! i hope adam gets home in time. if not, i'm coming over to see what's left on friday!