Thursday, June 14, 2012

ivy is one

ivy louise mccoy is now one year old.  wow what a fun year it has been with her.  ivy knew it was her birthday and woke up early so not to miss anything.  she had lots of help opening her presents from Nana.  luke took some of the pictures.

 ivy requested purple pancakes with chocolate whipped cream, but preferred to eat the whip cream.

 it was really hard to get a picture of her in her new birthday outfit because she wouldn't stay still.  and that is how we really know ivy is 1.  she won't stop moving.  she is a great napper, a great dumper of anything within reach.  a great eater and loves baths.  she loves when her dad whispers in her ear and she to clap and talk.  she loves her bottles and her favorite blankets.  ivy also loves her dad (and mom) and her brother and sisters.

i'm sure ivy will hear all her life how much she looks like her big sister darby, but what surprises me more is that she acts like her too!  the only other baby who really goes to anyone which is a blessing!

she has been a last wonder to our family and can't imagine her not here. 5 is totally worth it!

and she is off again.
what will ivy request for dinner? rice maybe?  and we still need to bake a cake.
will someone please tell my house its a birthday not world war 3? 

the best thing is ivy told me all she really wanted for her birthday was her mom to rest and watch her favorite show and chill so that is so sweet of her, what a selfless little girl!  we have already had snuggle and tickle time.  Happy birthday little Ivy!  You are a very loved!


RachelAA said...

That's the perfect shirt for a one year old celebration.

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Ivy! She is so cute. I love her birthday outfit. It was so fun to see you guys this past week.

brandon said...

cute love ivy sorry not there miss yall

Phillips Family said...

Happy birthday Ivy. Definitely a Darby twinner. And five is SOOO worth it! :)

Tanya said...

So cute!!!!