Saturday, June 16, 2012


 Ivy liked the frosting on her red velvet cake.  For like two minutes and then she wanted a bath. 

in her other birthday outfit, walking around like she owns the place. 

friday we went to baylie's last day of preschool at the park. 

she totally graduated.

 she brought her bike so she could show off her new skills

and thanked Grandma K and Grandma B for being such great teachers.
So awesome to have a preschool down the street that I can walk to and even better that these ladies teach them. 

Well there is so much to say, but this will do. its been an exciting week back, i'm starting to think every week is an 'exciting week' ... we had three kids barf within hours of each other last nite...awesomely exciting stuff over here.  I'm starting not to feel good either but don't know if its just from cleaning up all this awesome barf.  Fortunately its the biggest three so their aim is a little better.   What a way to kick off summer!


Sara Jane said...

Brooke, you make me smile. I love all the picture and am so happy for your brother and his cute wife.

Ivy's pictures are awesome. I can't believe the cake mess.

Hope you don't get sick!

Heather said...

You have such cute kids! Hopefully you didn't have to clean up any more barf.

Beth said...

Oh no!!! Hate that. Hope you don't get sick and please text me if you need anything!!! Don't hesitate.