Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Utah, What What!

Baylie has been pretty funny lately, but whats new?  A few times a day she says something and then raises her hands and says, "What What" with attitude. Kindergarten be warned, Baylie is coming.

Oh looking at these pictures we had so much fun. 

My kids looooved EmmaJane and CJ's snake.  Its name is Cord E.
Which sounds a lot like Courtney when the kids say it. 

Bridal Veil Falls.  The two biggest kids climbed up pretty far which made me nervous.
You can't hear with the water fall and so I had to motion for them to come back down.
At one point Luke held Darby's hand to steady her and help her.  

Watching the car movies with their feathers from Uncle Rick.  We watched lots of movies in that car this week.  So worth Jason getting a DVD player from Amazon and then getting it installed. Luke is my AV man in the car. 

Rock Canyon Park.  Watching the ice blocking.  Paisley and EmmaJane.

Watching movies at the Haynies.  Luke loves that his is wearing.  Bought it at school with his tickets from class.  Same with the necklace he is wearing.

Luke said something pretty funny too after cubscouts tonite.  He comes home Mr.  Sweaty Head.  He never wants to take a shower which is gross but total 9 year old boy.  He told me his sweaty head comes in handy because when JJ was trying to throw a ball at his head tonite,  his head got the ball all sweaty and JJ thought that was gross and didn't get him.  Awesome. 

Jana and the 5 foot club although I'm a smidgen taller.  10 kids between us, 10!  She still look so good and I loved meeting all her blonde kiddos!  Most of my good memories at BYU were with this girl. 

 Since I don't know when I'll be back to Utah, I was trying to remember things about my grandparents home.  I sure wished I had pictures of my Grandma Evans house.  Cause memories fade.
Here are old pictures of my Grandpa Dalton at work and my Grandma Dalton before she was married I think.

The room below will ever be in my brain as the room we weren't allowed to go in.  And now my kids too, it hasn't changed much all these years and I always like to go in there to look at the pictures of my mom and aunt as brides.

Oh yes, and I have about 5 more pictures of Lindsey doing a back flip on the tramp and video of it too.  I was pretty impressed.  And obviously the kids were too, look at that crowd watching.  

Quick take a look at this picture of my mom before she makes me take it off!

Here is Darby on my grandparents back porch with the Bountiful temple behind her.

Ivy also became a pro walker while we were in Utah.

This is how these girls decided to pose, Baylie leading and Paisley following.  Provo Canyon.


Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures BUT ONE! You dog. Yes, take it off. Interesting how it used to be white but got faded from the sun, where Pam's didn't get exposed. Oh well. Didn't want it to live in infamy. Love the bath picture & you and Jana with the kids pictures. You two look like time stood still and now you have a bazillion kiddies : )

brandon said...

paisley looks soooo cute with her hair down in the pic with ej

brandon said...

that last photo if baylie's hair was krimped she would have looked just like her mom did when she was littl