Monday, May 21, 2012

Week Plans

Darby's birthday is in 3 days!  3 days, but it feels like she is 7 already.

Bless that girl for not wanting a birthday party and just wanting to go shopping with her mom!

She has also requested lemon cake (???) and Kraft macaroni and cheese.  She is a breath of fresh air that girl!  I will choose not be insulted that none of my homemade meals tempted her and just be so thankful she wants easy! yay!  And even better cause its Open House that nite.

This week the bathroom will be done!  Hooray hooray.  One working shower is the pits.

Two weeks til we go to Utah for my brother's wedding and my cousin Jessica's wedding!  double weddings for two weekends in a row!

Just made gumbo, thanks for the tips Tanya.

Need to buy milk.

Jason got Ivy to walk!  He likes to do that with our babies if I leave for a while.  She still has a mean fast crawl but she can do it.

American Idol finale this week.  Not Jessica is who I'm rooting for.  Wish it was Skylar.

Can't believe summer is so close.  Our only goals are to chill and have lots of fun.

Paisley ate a whole container of bubble tape on Saturday.  Baylie also cut her own hair and broke a key on the piano while I was gone too (neither which Jason told me about), Both have been repaired.


Steve and Connie said...

What is bubble tape?

bro said...

darby is sweet

Lauren said...

no gum rule hahaha... HB Darby!!!