Monday, May 21, 2012

Blog Jinx

So after I blogged about indexing, I fizzled out.
Then I blogged about my yummy salad, and then I ran out of ingredients and haven't been eating it.
Then I blogged about my awesome piano playing and I haven't practiced so great....ah man!
So the blog is jinxed. Whatever I say on here I flake on, lame. So tonite I indexed again. And it felt good. Hey maybe I can work this blog jinx to my advantage. Like, my house is such a mess. Or I'm so dang tired. Or my family home evening was a ruckus. fingers crossed blog jinx, don't fail me now.
okay, so back to indexing. I remembered why I love New York and why I love America (start playing, "and I'll stand up next to you and defend her still today, cause there ain't no doubt I LOVE THIS LAND, GOD BLESS THE USA....USA...GOD BLESS THE USA...don't you love that song?)
Did my first batch of NY names from 1940. 1940, I said 1940 (thats a joke for Jenn B heheh) and in forty names on the 1940 census when asked where people were born on one list I got....
New York
Northern Ireland
All on one batch all these people living together from all difference countries in one area. Love it. One reason I do love living in California cause we have pinch more diversity than other places.
Would love to go to New York sometime. I have only been one time in high school. Jason's never been. I know its a crime against the constitution I tell ya, we need to go.
We also need to go on a proper vacation, with the kids without the kids, whatever, we will take it. But that might be a few years off still. Might as in definitely...unless the blog jinx wants to prove me wrong.


Jenn said...

well here's a reason to hold off on the blogging... I'll blame it on being jinxed instead of lazy!! 1940 rules!! Try Hawaii next

Lindsey said...

Ivy's walking hooray! And your bathroom is almost done!! Yay!!