Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gross looking food

No bake cookies are a favorite around here...but look like clumps of brown goo.
But the fastest and yummiest go to cookies.  Especially cause you don't have to heat up the stove.  

Oh how I love that shoe soap dispenser.  May it not break like the girls really cute lamp did this morning.  Sigh, such is life with children.

Beef stroganoff...Truthfully, I can't eat it.  Too much hamburger helper as a child maybe?  But my kids and husband love it.  Definitely one of my go to meals.  On top of rice usually, but this time mixed with noodles.  

Thank you Southern Living for this free cookbook I got with my subscription.  I looooove southern living magazine but I just threw away this cookbook, it was nasty looking. 

Here was my favorite of all.  Sorry if this is your favorite meal ever.  

Hot dog wrapped in a tortilla with refried beans inside.

I could throw up a little just thinking of it.

Maybe the colored paper around makes it 'fancy?" 

Shoot if this is what it takes to make a cookbook, sign me up.

Mine could be called, Gross looking but delicious food.  hmmm...dont' think that one would sell.  Maybe Grimy Grub? Or how to Feed a Family and Not Go Crazy?  That one is the best to me.  Or 100 ways to use a Tortilla that doesn't involve hot dogs?  Bless the tortilla, it is revered in this house, but we leave out the fancy paper.  

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