Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Darby performs

The three girls and I went to see their big sister's school performance.  Darby sang great and it was a MOTHER'S DAY performance so of course I loved it!  Then they gave out carnations to all the moms!  

And I may have teared up when she sang the word, "And if we are ever apart, you'll always be in my heart."  Cause my mom and I are apart...along with all her other daughters.  Good thing Avi is there with her.  Her new daughter and sister that we have been waiting for. Hopefully we don't all leech onto her too frighteningly.   Have been thinking a lot about Avi and her last few weeks before she is an official Evans.  Us three sisters are no longer Evans girls, and in a way I'm a little jealous she gets to be one.  Cause being an Evans girl is really cool.  (although I really love being a McCoy, and they are other hip slang... and there are lots of us, like a club).   Plus she will get to be with our Mom lots more than I will be able to and so I'm so glad they have each other.  She was a really fun mom to have growing up.  And taught me so much.  Oh yes, and Brandon's there too...ehheheh...just kidding. (yes they will be 4 hours away, but for us that is CLOSE!)  I've always wondered about the girl that would be our only Evans sister in law, and she fits in perfectly and is just awesome.

Plus I'd like to think there will always be a little Evans in us, even if I'm a true McCoy now.  By the behavior of my kids, they got a hefty dose of Evans in them too.

This Mother's day I am sending one less card, so I'm especially thinking of my Grandma Dalton, whose birthday is just around the corner.  Wow, should I just sob a bucket now?  

Well thanks to my wonderful daughters and son for making me a mother, even if I'm a crazy one, I'm so glad to be yours.  Lucky you ;) 

ps. can't wait to upload the videos of Darby singing, they are dang cute.  And yes, shorties get to be in the front...always.  

And yes that if fake pink hair in Baylie's can see just a smidgen.


Alvhild Throop said...

You are soooo sweet! I am so excited to be part of your family! I have definitely been blessed as far as in-laws go. You are all so wonderful and welcoming! Cant wait to see you soon!

embot said...

cute, cute post! ah, mothers day. let's get together after and celebrate for REAL, shall we?

Summerhays Family said...

So cute. Good Job Darby!