Sunday, May 6, 2012 mean 1940

Okay, so now that I'm a big indexing fan, even though I don't get them all right (thank goodness for arbitrators) it sure makes me wonder about these people.

For example, the Hartley family, who lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1940 had four daughters and one son.  But their son was at the end, not the beginning like mine.  I feel a kinship with other four daughter one son families...its like when I find someone else named one of my kids names.  Anyone have any Hartley's in their family line?  Well your welcome I just typed it up for you so you can better find it when you go on

But my favorite is when I can't read the handwriting and am just looking and studying the handwriting and then hits me.  Tonite that happened with Robert Lee.  First I had him down as Punert Lee (hey, I swear thats what it looked like, dang cursive!) and then when I was looking at how the person was writing the Rs I finally got it.    I've indexed 762 names so far.  Makes me appreciate people who have down almost 4,000!

Or then on the same sheet, their were two different girls, one was seventeen and one was eighteen who were widows....WIDOWS!  Sure makes me want to know their story.

On other news, went to visit Lindsey and family for dinner which is always a treat.  She is the family history queen.

yes I thought it was 1840 which sounds way cooler...heheh thanks Jenn.


Jenn said...

How are you doing 1840? Mine are all 1940! I haven't had time to index this weekend--- too busy putting a quilt together! ;)

Nancy Jo said...

I am impressed you are doing indexing! I talked to our geneology king, Rip Meeks, and got the info how to get started. I plan to start after the wedding : )

Ivy said...

I saw your comment on Sara's post! How funny that you have a Paisley and an Ivy!! Love it!!