Thursday, May 3, 2012

Girl Heavy

'Tangled' Eyes.

Four little girls all swimming together.  This is very rare.

This is one wrinkled tushie.  Should I warn her thats what hers will look like when she is 33 too?  Ok, well at like 88 then.  

told ya the bathroom is tore up.  But it now how floors again.  Sort of.  

ivy helps everyone wake up in the morning.  Luke and Darby are unwilling risers since they read late, but I figure its the best reason to stay up late for a kid.  

This cute little Paisley right here is a keeper.  She told me today how Luke didn't flush the toilet and then how she did two huge poops in the potty ('daddy poo poos with a lowered voice).

I'm a bit house bound for a while.  

The trampoline is at deaths door but it has been so so so much fun so I hope it lives a little longer in its decrepit state.  I wonder what my neighbors think of me.  Actually I don't want to know at all what they think of me. 

Oh yes, and I'm starting to get really excited about this election.

Mitt Romney.

Go go go go Mitt.   Go Go go.

If you choose to not vote for him, it better not be because he is Mormon.  I mean it.  Cause I am,  yo.  And I totally could be President :)  Okay so maybe not, but please don't let ignorance and what other people tell you stand in the way. 

But I do think its pretty cool that in a country who once had an extermination order against Mormons, there is a pretty awesome one running for President.  (and thank goodness it isn't Harry Reid!)

Personally I'm so dang excited to vote for someone who echoes the values of integrity, honesty, leadership, success, family and can kick this country into shape with his experience. 






Chris Ranson you better vote from him too cause remember that talk we had the last time around, this time is TOTALLY GONNA WIN! 


Alvhild Throop said...

Love the pictures! Were those Paisleys eyes? So pretty!! Hope the bathroom is coming along quickly.

Lindsey said...

Love the pictures!! Miss you!!!

Nancy Jo said...

Your girls are beautiful! Seriously 'Tangled" eyes! Love all 4 girls together - fun memories! What a great wake-up, I want that!