Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sneaky Sunday Surprise

So Sunday morning bright and early we realized someone (CHRISTIE! said the kids) attacked our house.  In a good way.  Welcome to crazy Mormon teenage fun.  The yard was saran-wrapped and crepe papered and their was chocolate at the door.  Christie and Christiane (yes I think they had to be friends with those names) put a ton of work!
The saran wrap actually took forever to come off the mailbox, which by then Christie had fessed up and was thoroughly enjoying their handiwork and how hard it was to come off the mailbox.  good news their were cookies, cupcakes, and homemade wands inside waiting...and glitter.

Sure made the early morning extra special and the kids loved eating candy while dad was already at church meetings.  Special shout out to all the mothers who get ready and attend 9 a.m. church while their husbands have early meetings, holla!  It is quite the feat...and also why sometimes Paisley doesn't wear shoes.  

Then we droved down to OC to go to a baptism and saw the Baldree family!  We were in the car more than we were there but were glad to see them.  Jason is just loving wearing my sunglasses.  $2.50 at target.  

The kids watched Swiss Family Robinson in the car on the way , which is like a church movie right (ok so its not) but we love that movie.  And we are also loving the Muppets soundtrack, seriously its so good.  We also saw Tin Tin this weekend (red box) and totally liked it and then J and I went to Diddy Reese with Miles and it was great!

Jason played church softball on Saturday and I newly discovered that I don't hate when he plays (like I usually do) when my friend and her kids go, yay for me and Jason.  Win win...wait, they lost, oops.  Why no sports for girls?  Lame. Since I'm such an awesome softball player...cough cough...ok so maybe we should go on a hike instead?

ps.  If you are Chris Ranson, you need to come see us, we miss you.  ASAP.  Serious. 


Courtney said...

What great friends! That would have been such a fun surprise!

And, funny! I have those white sunglasses from Target too!

Nancy Jo said...

I love your chocolate fairies! What a great idea - especially putting things in the mailbox! Jason in those sunglasses & you in matching red ones - priceless!

Lauren said...

That was totally fun that day! Sad we won't be around this Saturday :(