Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rocks for Brains

Sometimes I wonder why God gave us (me specifically) four daughters instead of four sons.  A cute gal told me today, well you have a 50/50 chance.  Well I don't believe that.  I believe that I knew these little people when we lived with Jesus and we picked each other to spend our earthly life with.  I don't know how it works but I definitely don't think it was chance.

BUT Today I'm thinking that my earthly life would have been cut much much shorter if I had four sons because surely they would kill us all.

Actually conversation that just happened moments ago.  I wish my eyes were video cameras to record it cause it was classic and horrifying.

Luke bouncing in looking very happy while I'm getting Ivy out of the bath, lotioned up and in her pjs.

"Mom I know how to make a really huge fire."

Me- "Oh great"

"All you'd do is take a match and then put something on it and then take some spam and wanna see?"

Me- "ooooh (thinking, spam?)"

Luke "ya, wanna see?  come on mom please let me show you."


insert sheepish looking Luke

Luke "Ya spam, I mean Pam"

Me, "Uh no Luke were you lighting up Pam!  Yes that would make a very big fire!"

so I rush down the stairs for him to show me

"Where were you doing this?  NOT IN THE HOUSE!"

insert sheepish look on Luke's face!

He was spraying Pam in the kitchen at the Salt City candle that I had let him light and was sitting on the stove (yes I know I know)

"Luke you are going to kill us all!  This is about as good as the time you jammed the sword in the power box and sparks came out (multiple times he did that and then we lost all our power)!"

"Mom but its really fun."

"Yes Luke lots of things that could kill us all are really fun."

Me thinking I can't wait to tell this to Jason.

Oh man, yes I don't think we would have survived four of them.  Literally.

p.s.  just shows that no matter how smart Luke is, he is still a 9 year old boy and good thing we say our prayers!


Nancy Jo said...

Oh my. Crazy scary. You handled it much better than I would have...

Crazy Lady said...

Not really. I erased the part where told him he had no brains....

Crazy Lady said...
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Courtney said...

I know this is super scary, but man, I can't stop laughing. Maybe b/c I wasn't there and I can totally invision any boy thinking that that was way "cool". Boys will be boys. It is a good thing that we say our prayers.

Sara Jane said...

Brooke, that is hilarious even though it's not. Makes you look forward to even 3 years ahead--not.

Maria said...