Thursday, April 19, 2012


Jason to me "Have you seen Ivy's foot?"

me - Nope

Jason - Go look

Me....Oooh, who did that?

Jason (raising Paisley's arms to show me her arms are also covered with stamps and marker)...LOOK

sometimes life is making something boring into something fun. like dinner. sometimes we have regular noodles but sometimes we have 'fun' noodles and these little hat/bowl looking ones are from trader joes and my kids like to 'make food with them'. lucky me gets to sample it :) like meat sauce with lemon lettuce and cheese for garnish. its messy but they love it so whatever

Here they are all intently making their creations. all those times of watching the food network are paying off!

introducing my little oompa loompa! very fitting as I dressed up like an oompa loompa in high school and am rather short. may the legacy continue!

Meet the new fridge. Here's the deal yo, we are fancy. I know I've been teasing you with my ghetto ways like not having hub caps for over a year but guess what, now I have hubcaps (plastic ones but whatever they look hot). and now we have a frigerator on steroids where our food doesn't fall out when we open it and we don't have to stack food upon food upon food.

pinch me please.

old fridge is in the garage and looking nice and happy. she still gets love.

now onto our bathroom. the thing about old houses (ours was built in 1967) is they need to be fixed. fortunately I don't mind retro (read: old) so I usually just work with it, but our master bathroom at 6 x 7 feet is leaking. the shower, the toilet, linoleum, crazy mismatched peach tile, no vent, are you feeling me? also that I have had to leave the shower door open at least an inch while in there so I don't get stuck inside FOR THE LAST YEAR! so yes everything has been getting soaked.

Oh yes, and we moved in this house when we had three kids and now we have five so we are having to readjust.

The thing about old houses (ones that need work) is that you have to pick and choose. cause the flooring is shot, and we need insulation, more counterspace, yadda yadda, but unless you are worried the toilet is going to fall thru the garage (which is a real possiblity lately) then it will just have to sit and wait. Money doesn't grow on trees, we got a lot of kids, I stay home, are you feeling me?

so yes we sometimes have people come give us quotes and dream and wish, but I'll let you know when it actually happens. usually its all too much but I tell ya that husband of mine has fixed quite a lot and I might have burnt him out. plus he does have to go to work for pay for all the 7 of us to live so he can't do everything around here. so thats where we are at.

the last guy we talked to was is a contractor in arizona with no license in cali but it still will squeeze us pretty tight so trying to maybe partial do some and partial have it done. and by done i mean gutted the whole thing needs to be ripped out....oh man. and yes, and eventually i have plans to make the half bath downstairs into a full (one of the these days) cause we have four daughters and not enough bathrooms...."We have four daughters..." has been coming into my mind a lot these days. Cause we aren't moving ever (knock on wood) and we have to figure out how this will work (must add more mirrors! and outlets, old houses have few outlets).

but we are really grateful for our cute house and i love my blue door, it makes it more exciting and uses my brain more when its tricky right?

Okay so there is way more info than you wanted, but just cause court and claire asked.

now with the rest of the pictures.


Yes I know you hate me that this is our problem. its not a problem but hey the kid still have to eat and sleep and do homework and chores he can't just read all day.

Lately he is hooked on the Redwall series. Its like Lord of the Rings-ish with rats and mice and cats....I think at least.

Yesterday when he was supposed to be finishing his freaking project that is due already and was 'going to the bathroom" I cracked the door and found him reading in there and munching on a bag of chips....sneaky kid. they were actually cheese mini rice cakes not chips.

Other homework avoidance lines are, "I need a drink." "I'm so hungry" "I've been doing work all day!" "Why do I have to do this?!"

Darby is now all clued in with the homework hate too.

babysitters here gotta run


RachelAA said...

I love this post mainly because re modeling, or dreaming of it, is so exciting to me. I love designing in my head!!! Good luck. And I was so Luke.. I always got in trouble for reading in bed instead of going to sleep at a decent hour. Not much has changed :)

brandon said...

just make sure he only reads the best possible books!

Alvhild Throop said...

Love the food idea! and the cute pictures too. Your kids are so adorable <3