Monday, April 2, 2012

A Day late and dollar short

President Uchdorft: "Stop It." That was a great talk. It was about forgiveness and not holding grudges, harboring bad feeling and other stuff that we all need to work on.

I can't tell you my favorite there were too many, but I did love Elder Rasband who I found out is my dear friend Emily G (whom I never see but love) missionary president when she served as a mission in NY. She said he is great too...via FB she said that....what a strange time we live in.

Ok, so he talked about his grandson who was born with some problems and showed cute pictures of him all hooked up to tubes and monitors and what an experience that has been to their family.
Elder Rasband quoted Elder Russell M. Nelson (whose talks was also amazing) who said some of the strongest spirits are housed in the weakest bodies.

He said, " If you found someone drowning would you stop to ask if they needed help? No you would jump in and save them. The offer 'if you need anything please let me know' is really non help at all" talking about all the help his kids had received while their baby has been in the hospital, from meals to picking up siblings from school, etc.

I love that one. Here's to less asking if they need help and just going straight to the helping.

So these pictures aren't from today. Today we went to the zoo. But Sunday was general conference and was the most relaxing Sundays ever.

See, talented Baylie holding crayons in her toes. This is the kinda of creativity that is generated watching 8 hours of church tv in the weekend. And this mess, told ya. Like world war III...haven't quite cleaned it up yet. Have I mentioned its spring break?

Baylie was loving that Luke let her snuggle up to him and be cozy. Big brothers sometimes pretend they are prickly (at least this one) but really they are oowie gooey teddy bears.

I love this pic of Ivy, but I also love catching Baylie in the background mid-jump to the couch.

Told ya.


Nancy Jo said...

I am so impressed with Baylie and her talented toes! Can't believe Ivy is looking so old! Love the sibling pictures! Love that your living room was so 'cozy' for conference watching. I thought it was one of the best ones ever!

brandon said...

such cute kids. crazy ivy standing. funny baylie, funny ivy was crying in one photo, funny to me ;)