Saturday, March 31, 2012

GC Saturday

Ok, so did anyone catch David Archuletta singing as a missionary in the choir of missionaries? Dang it I missed it. But that is cool.

Sister Beck got released at general relief society president! Oh man I love that lady. Seriously on my dream list of women I would love to have lunch with. She was hard nosed hitter that one and I love a strong woman leader who doesn't mince words. She was smart and in tune with the spirit and I learned a lot from her.

"Be kind and be grateful God is kind. It is a happy way to live." Elder Holland

"Why should you be jealous because I choose to be kind?" Elder Holland (in context of a story he was telling about fairness)

So many great talks. Loved President Packers talk about children and families.

So ya know the reality of General Conference chaos is always the same, some of my 'quiet playing' ideas work and some bomb. Mostly it was great, except for that last talk or two I dozed off in the last session.

Really only one big mom tantrum, and that was after Luke sliced his toe real bad taking out the trash and then I proceed to get mad at him for it. Obviously I'm really good at applying what I learn while getting spiritual nourished...oops. Oh yes, and then being indoors. And bad weather. And fighting. And the house getting trashed. Crayons and papers everywhere. Smashed and broken and peeled off by a two year old. Everyone telling on each other when they also whacked the person. Whining and complaining when I tried to get them to clean up. And all that led to me freaking out and rising to the top of the list of Mother of the Year. Oh yes, and Jason was gone helping someone move. all those nice people he helps moves, I'm glad he does it (before he leaves at least), but someone I end up being a mess when he gets home and wanting to pull out my hair. Totally not perfect in that area.

But then it all gets better. And I pull it together and pull dinner out of a hat (ques-pizza-dillas and lemon lettuce) and every things all good again. Plus Luke's toe didn't need stitches and he felt much better after soaking it in the bath and I bandaged it up good.

But for the 4 hours-ish of conference we watched today. It was great. Better than I thought it would be if thats possible.

What did the kids do? Coloring. Did activity sheets I found online like the coloring the tie of the speaker. Made a fort. Fought over who could go in the fort. Got all cozy with their blankets and stuffed animals. Cuddled with Ivy. She was so sweet. Snuggled with Paisley. Drew on white board. Whats for tomorrow? I think we will all paint nails, thats my go to.

Right in the middle of President Eryings talk Luke told me about some trouble he was having with some boys at school. And even though I missed most of the talk, laying their with my boy on the couch talking about him getting called names during basketball and who is nice and who is not and who he should play with instead was even more important. You never know when those moments will come, cause they sure don't come right after school when you ask them how their day was thats for sure.

Oh yes and one of my favorite quotes of the day was from Darby when she saw President Monson speak, "I love him. I mean I don't want to marry him, but..."
I said, its okay Darby you can love someone and not want to marry them.

Which Luke responded, how old is he 60?

Jason said, "More like 80"

Luke said he looked younger than Grandpa Dalton, which he is.

Than we figured out that Grandpa Dalton is 80 years older than Luke.

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I love your moment with Luke.