Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baylie is 5

Baylie Mae McCoy is now five years old. April 4th is her birthday. Always lands near Easter, conference and during spring break.

She was born when we were living in our little green house in Encino. Her best friends are her sisters and she loves her older brother.

Blue-eyed Baylie loves headbands, skirts and boots. I dare you to find her when she isn't wearing one of those. Skirts even when its cold. Skirts even when running around or wrestling.

While being very girlie, Baylie is tough. She can climb anything, run fast and is great at sports. She has a big personality inside that little body. She only drinks water. She requested family omelets (more like a thick crepe) for breakfast and tacos for dinner.

We went to six flags (with about 6 other families we know!), we ate cotton candy on the way home, it was a good birthday and I loved seeing her so happy and smiling. We watched the Muppets movie for the third time and munched on chocolate cupcakes at nite.

Baylie is cool, we love her. She is soooo excited to start kindergarten in the fall. Five! Wahoo!


Sara Jane said...

Happy Birthday to miss Baylie. Cute as ever.

embot said...

Happy BIRTHDAY, pretty little lady!! She's so awesome. kinda reminds me of penny ;)

p.s. i read that someone named their baby. paizli. it's not too late to change her spelling, you know.

bro said...

such cute girls and so funny i love them

Beth said...

Happy Birthday!!! YAY Baylie!