Monday, March 26, 2012


Here are some pictures of my baby in the tub. She is growing up. All squiggly and practicing letting go when she is standing, wow how did we get here already? The bath is her absolutely favorite place to be.

This is Paisley's go-to silly face.

Okay, lets talk about this brilliant idea. The other day we got a present on our doorstep, it was from Baylie's friend Megan. In it was a stuffed animal (looks like it had been Megans) in a box. Well what a fun treat, cause Baylie turned the box into a crib and she has not been without her 'baby bear'. She named her Glitter. She loves her. Seriously great leverage for me and I need leverage with Miss Baylie. (Have I mentioned that I'm her Primary teacher at church too and its been fun but testing...)

"Hey this was so fun girls, how about we take one of your toys and wrap it up and give it to your friend?" They weren't really biting, but I thought the idea was genius. I think wrapping it cute was key. Maybe I'll try it again. Like up-cycling toys. Especially fun for an out of the ordinary occasion.

Here's what my downstairs looks like, multiple this all throughout the house and here's where I am at this Monday morning.

Every day it seems it a triumph. I don't know how I'm going to solve all the problems or tears or messes or feed everyone and clean, but by the end of the day, it somehow works out. Still haven't figured how to make the tantrums and complaining to stop (from kids and me too sometimes) but we end the day in a good place...usually. By night time I'm exhausted and give myself a self congratulatory pat on the back that I did it. Usually I have a few regrets where I could have improved on, but I'm trying. It seems last week I didn't check anything off my list that I had planned but then got done lots of other things. Tis the life of this mother.

I can't stop thinking about Hunger Games. Lets all vote to have movies from books made into four hours so that way they don't leave anything out. Sounds good huh.

Spring Break and Baylie's birthday next week. I'm thinking of venturing out to the beach one day.


bro said...

cute and i laughed out loud and baylie toy leverage

Amber said...

Lillian has the same go to silly face :)

Nancy Jo said...

Loved the pics of Ivy in the bath! That is a great idea about sharing toys - stuffed animals! I think you are a terrific mom!

Lindsey said...

Great pictures!!!

Traci said...

Funny...that's the same face Paisley makes in Nursery when we sing the frownny face song.