Friday, March 23, 2012

Swimsuit Season

Here are the two suits I got from this year. Love them love them love them. Sooo flattering even though I had to bump up a size (L...cough cough) Great for curvy. I've heard negatives about lime ricky this year, but I am so happy with mine I feel like they really understand what looks good on bodies. And I like that they aren't boring.

Not that you care but I'm just gonna tell you. Here's what else I've tried this season. comfortable. I bought the polk dot one and it shows my girls too much but I'm still keeping it cause it fit so nice. Buy smaller than you think, I was a M there. Shade clothing has free shipping and free returns which I love.

I also looked at and this black and white one (which I didn't buy but looks so cute) is from Modbe swimwear . So many cute options and I'm a big believer in getting in the water no matter what your size, and a really cute suit helps a ton!

I also like this one from Victoria Secret. Be sure to pose like that and then send me your picture.

I don't terribly love the fit of lands end suits, but I have owned a couple. Their 'swim mates' idea is really cute, where you were a bikini under a tankini for layering...(or maybe support?) but wonder if you'd want to wear two suits?

Here's the thing folks.

I love my body. Right now. We are friends. We've gotten in some fights before but now we are good. Grateful to have it. It likes when I workout and eat healthy, but chocolate makes it sing. (don't you love when people talk about their bodies in the third person?hehehe) We have been through thick and thin (hahahahahah!) and it has gone through a lot in its relatively young life. I think I must be looking thru a clown mirror because how can I feel this way when this is the biggest I've ever been? Well I don't know but I don't care...When I am working out I care less about the size and more how I feel. Or its cause I've been looking at these five beautiful humans its given me and it still can vacumn, scrub, run around like a crazy person, and do whatever else is demanded during the day. Mostly I feel like a pack mule or the house servant. Or the cook. I plan on using it for many more years ahead, which will include lots of shopping with my girls, and sports watching with Luke. While eventually I would like to fit into some old pants of mine, I've bought plenty of really cute new ones just in case I never do.

So here is my hot tip. Buy some really cute swimsuits. More than one. Get in the water. I was the girl who was always very self conscious at a very young age about what mine looked like. I wish I could go tell that preteen self to just have fun. Own my skin. My mom was sure trying to tell me. Now invite me to come swim in your pool :) Or meet me at the beach...and Hurricane Harbor!


Lindsey said...

I definitely need to get a new suit. Thanks for all the ideas! I love your updated pictures! so fun! I want to go on a hike now!

RachelAA said...

I needed this post - thank you.

Lauren said...

Yes yes yes!!! Loved your thoughts! ;)

agirlnamedgay said...

Swimming w kids is the best. If that's all it took to be a good mom, you and I would be battlin for first place! And so glad ur lovin ur body…I'm also learning bodies are meant to be loved! And ps hurricane harbor is my favorite. It's become my birthday tradition the last two years.

embot said...

my mom used to say, if you can't lose it, tan it!! hahaha. wise words.

LOVE that you got so many cute suits. i want some!

then we can play all summer.