Saturday, March 3, 2012

No plan for Saturday

Can I just say how glad I am that Luke is not in baseball right now? And the girls not in tee ball or softball? Freaking awesome.

Cause today we have nothing to do. No plans.

Well, I was going to haul everyone to the Getty Center but we are weeny Californians and its a tiny bit cold. Actually today has been gorgeous so we could have gone. I've been wanting to go to the Getty for like forever now. That and Sea World. One day.

Ok, so the point it. I love not having a schedule. The only thing my kids are in is the oldest two in Piano and Luke in cub scouts on Wednesday nites (but nobody goes with him and Jason takes him home). So awesome.

Luke is great at baseball and loves it but we also love just hanging out with our family.

Instead we want to go to the beach more. Or other stuff.

We've cleaned, organized, played video games, donelaundry, been lazy, colored on t-shirts with fabric markers, worked on cub scouts.

Jason and I do have a date tonite for Indian food.

Also, I am not starting the rest of the girls in piano til they are 8.

Every family is different, but this is us. Low key.

p.s. my favorite day of the year is coming birthday! Wahoo for March. Love my birthday. Love one day of the year where I do exactly what I want to least for most of the day, until I start getting ready for Luke's birthday the next day.

This year for Luke's birthday he wants to play football. Its gonna take a bunch of kids to have a pick up game, but he doesn't need presents (he is already plenty spoiled by us) and had plenty of birthday parties. Thanks to Jackson Byrd's awesome idea who donated to the Autism foundation for his birthday, Luke is going to collect money for the Wounded Warrior Project to aid wounded troops if you want to donate, let us know. Here is the link. He is excited about it and picked which organization he wanted to support.

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Amberli said...

i'm so proud of luke! that's the sweetest! happy birthday week to both of you!