Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cubscouts, Ellen and lazy Saturday

Pack meeting this Tuesday was the Blue and Gold dinner. It was the Olympics and it was awesome.


I like this picture of Jason if I say so myself.

Oh yes, and ya know how I'm not a planner, more a fly by the seat of her pants girl? Well luckily I have friends who plan fun things, way in advance. Like months. Tina let me go the Ellen show with her and she is an Ellen show pro. Seriously, her and Becky got picked out of the entire audience and Amber and I tagged along and they prepped us back stage and pumped us up to do something awesome and be on tv and then it fizzled out, but it was still the most awesome day.

Jason took off work (bonus of major advance planning). I was up by 4:30 a.m. cause I couldn't sleep anymore I was so excited. We were there in Burbank at 6:30 a.m. Almost the first ones there. Waited in line for our numbers til about 9 a.m. Went and ate the most delicious breakfast. Went to the mall. Bought some stuff. Went back to wait in line. Got picked out of the crowd. Got all this special treatment for being selected and front of the line, went to the show. Cheered and dance. Saw a little of the Warner Bros lot, drank a Zumba Juice. Called it a day and went home and wished I would have stayed out longer til after the kids were in bed. (re-entry back to reality is always bumpy) Was so tired after the very fun day and had tons of fun and girl time.

Holy crap that was a lot in one day. I've always thought that Ellen kinda looks like my mom. I don't know if she'd like that, but also thought that about Princess Diana.

Oh yes, and between the four of us, we have eighteen children. thats a lot of planning.

and becky doesn't have any makeup yet. How did I not get any of her afterwards? She looks amazing still.

6:30 a.m. baby! Thanks Tina!

I gave Ivy frozen blueberries to nosh on while I worked in the kitchen. Change of pace from frozen peas. She loved them but she looked like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We went to Baskin Robbins today as a family before we went location scouting for Luke's party.

Ya know with all the yogurt craze, sometimes ya just need some real ice cream. (although I do looove Pinkberry) While I'm typing this, Jason is yelling at the losing BYU basketball team on the tv.

We liked this field but the bathrooms are too far away.

Can you spot Luke? Strange. He said it was the best place to lie in the shade. Is it lay or lie?


Susannah said...

I freakin love Ellen! That is so awesome that you got to go to her show. Love the pictures of ya'll in feels so glamorous! Pics of the kids are pretty stinkin cute too!

Amberli said...

i am the mostest jealous ever in the whole wide huge big world that you got to see ellen. i love her and i want to shake my booty with her one day!! so fun!

Amberli said...

ps - not surprised you ladies got picked out of the crowd - bunch a hotties like you!

Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! I think you look great! Your bb present is in the mail : )