Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mother of the Year

I'm mother of the year..ironically speaking. Why are you hoarse you ask? Well from yelling. Or not really yelling but using my very stern voice and hollering at kids to come in or come to dinner or hurry to the car. My vocal chords have been suffering for weeks. Good thing I can't sing worth beans.

Okay, well back to my award. See this shredding piece of fabric? Its Baylies favorite blanket. And she demolished it. Shreds. Its crazy. Wait WAS crazy. Before mother of the year right here fixed it. Took me like 3 hours and some creative pinning and sewing. I was expecting a standing ovation but she just grabbed it from me like of course I would magically put it back.

Well, I was proud of myself at least. And Jason was too cause that thing was like a centimeter from the trash can, it was ridiculous.

Oh yes, and congratulations again to me for not getting angry at pretty girl when she came out wearing 'makeup' five minutes before we went to church. And so I just calmly said (again, wheres my award), oh wow, Baylie. Next time remember eye shadow just goes on the top ok? Now could you please wipe it off and we can put some on together later? Thanks, love you, (INSERT SMILE).

Wow seriously people I'm on a roll.

This is where I omit all unflattering parenting stories.

Those would take up a bunch of room but mother's of the year can't talk about stuff like that get it? Sheesh I sound like Junie B. Jones.

'I didn't cut off anything and my friend gave me the idea to make a 'handle' out of the extra edging. Hopefully that blanket lasts another year or two at least now cause its pretty thin.

Oh yes, and I forgot to add that Paisley stuck Baylie's blanket in the toilet today. Just because

Oh yes, and tonite was Enrichment (women's church group) and it was really fun. We did 'speed dating' getting to know you. And guessed whose baby pictures belonged to whom. This was mine. I was excited to realize that my kids do look like me somewhat. Lucky girls, wink wink ;)

I think a baby picture of me officially begins Brookepalooza since my birthday is in five days. Wahoo! One of my favorite stories is when I was in college and lived with Jana (which four other girls as well). Well, one morning I woke up and Jana had added a border (like where crown molding should be) along all are living room and kitchen of just pictures of herself all over. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen, I'm still chuckling thinking about it. Pretty hilarious. I can't remember how many pictures there were but I'm guessing 50 to 100? It wasn't for anything special either, just a regular day I believe.


gay said...

You are On a roll. Totally deserve the award. Saving a blanket is right next to saving an orphan- serious!!

Nancy Jo said...

I am AMAZED you could save that blanket like you did! Fabulous job! Good thing I sent your birthday present early : )

Nancy Jo said...

Also your comment on Baylie's make up before church - priceless, along with picture!

jana said...

that picture border was amazing!! i forgot all about that awesome job I did. i must have been caught up on all my homework and studies and had nothing else to do :) shout out to Apt 79, we will have a reunion some day... until then, thank goodness for blogs. love ya brooke. happy bday.