Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Courtney is 27


Happy Birthday Courtney! Wahooo!

Some of my favorite things about Courtney.

Her sense of humor. The girl is funny. Like really.

After running her first half marathon (in a costume of course) she said, it was really fun except for the running part. See. How can you not like a girl like that?

She has awesome stories about poo and barf and remodeling her houses with small babies. What was the poo story where your water was turned off? And driving to Home Depot and Ikea for hours and hours only wanting to curse at them later. Seriously ask her about her stories, they need to be written down. And let us not forgetting kicking the wall, may it RIP. Or how she orders mexican food in terrible gringo accent with a straight face. Oh man.

She is also super competitive and ambitious. I've always thought, watch out world, here Courtney comes.

She's hot. Great style. She could sew her outfits if she wanted to. Or make whatever cute thing you have.

Courtneys that girl who tells you all the awesome stuff she got on Craigslist for a bargain and then sold it back and made more money... she has like amazing craigslist luck.

Super churchy and a fabulous mom. Very patient.

She is very responsible, much more than I. She was grilling steaks on by 14 when my parents were gone. Who does that? Or was she 9? For 4? Thats a big fish story now.

She loves dogs. I'm sure she would makeout with Mabel :) hehehe just kidding.

Plus she gets terrible terrible headaches for the last ten years and pushes on. Oh yes, and the girl loves Coke. Not diet. The real deal. And she used to sneak licks of butter from the fridge when we were growing up.

Oh yes, and she can sing...very well.....heck I'm starting to think I got jipped! Sheesh!

She still plays soccer with the boys and whoops them. Hey, at least I didn't include injury and bruise pictures ;)

"Courtney could fry a salad" said Carl.

"I hope my hair never turns brown like yours." Courtney as a kid to me

Happy Birthday Courtney, hope its a great year. Tell yours kids they are dang lucky to have you. Wish I was there to party. Texas will be great, wahoo!


Phillips Family said...

That was a sweet post brooke! Sounds like she is quite the woman!

Nancy Jo said...

It had me laughing except that that bread pic : 0
Great post!

Courtney said...

Man I don't think I can live up to that post. I think it was a little inflated, but I'll take it. I do need to write some of those stories down. We were looking at old remodeling pictures and just laughing. Thanks for the pick me up! I need to get that printed and put on my wall. I love you too Brooke.

Lindsey said...

Great post. I couldn't have said it better! xoxo