Sunday, March 11, 2012


Ok, so its officially Lukeapalooza! He only has a few shorts days left of being 8 and I think I've noticed the biggest jump in the past year of his maturity and growth.

Since Luke is constantly hearing about his cute baby sisters, I thought I'd better put some old pictures on here since I hadn't started my blog yet. SEE you were cute little tiny boy.

Yes and its official, I thought this was Ivy, but nope its Darby!

"Hey Hon remember when we just had one kid?" "Nope."

Well we did one time just have one kid. Here is a picture of our three person family. Wow don't we all look so young!

I think this picture on the swing kinda looks like Paisley too.

Luke with his twin cousins, Keaton and Carter!

Squeezing in the stroller with DALLAS!

Luke and Owen. Many moons ago. Sitting waiting for the bird show to start at the zoo.

See you were in my belly, sheesh I can't believe it that you fit in there cause now you are huge!
You were the perfect textbook delivery. I had you the day after I turned 24. One of my favorite stories is when your dad bore his testimony at church when you were two and said these have been the best two years of his life, and then he sat down and I leaned over to him and said, "We've been married five hon, five." But thats how I felt too, you will always be the one who made us parents and was like nothing else. Thanks for agreeing to go first and for paving the way for the girls. I can't wait to see what you'll do in life, I know its going to be great.


Beth said...

He's a super cute baby! Isn't it funny that I have a pic of Tyler and Audrey in the SAME BATH TUB b/c we both lived in this crazy apartment! They were about the same ages, too.

Nancy Jo said...

I LOVED seeing all the pictures of Luke & family! Brought back lots of memories.

Amber said...

Too cute! Happy early birthday to you and Luke!! Crazy how far we've come since D2 young women's :)

bro said...

i liked the luke in blanket photo

RachelAA said...

Your hair in that three person family picture is ADORABLE. Love it.