Thursday, March 15, 2012

Luke is 9

Luke is 9! We had crepes in the morning, opened presents and he requested taquitos for dinner.

He wanted brownies and ice cream instead of cake.

After school he was greeted by his cousins who came to visit from Arizona! The best present. So Luke and Alex played on the Wii, went to cub scouts, played on iPad and played Degadar.


Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

Big hugs and kisses Luke!

bro said...

dude from now on brownies and ice cream should just overall replace cake

Tanya said...

I cannot believe you have a 9 year old!!! I cannot believe Luke is 9. Luke, who I carried around the mall in Burbank and at the Redland's Temple...Luke who was the cutest baby I'd ever known. Luke is 9. well I feel a little old now. that means I was all grown up even 9 years ago and that was a long time ago, lol...Bryan just reminded me we will have a 9 year old in just 3 more years, yikes. give him love and kisses from me and high fives from all my boys who think he is super COOL because he his a big kid :D