Sunday, March 18, 2012

Whats Been Up

Ya know on Twilight when one of the Volturi can touch Edward and know everything thats happened. Well I wish I was Edward, cause its been an emotional, amazing, crazy week.

Where o Where to begin? Well my favorite of course, lets start with Tuesday my birthday.

Did ya hear I had a birthday? Oh man that joke is getting old. Well thanks to the suggestion of brilliant Hillary, I decided to start the day at Americana where I met up with some friends over there (the few who are obligated to see me on my special day ;) and that way I could hit a bunch of birds with one stone.

Somehow I missed getting a picture with Lindsey and Hillary, but you get to see Amber, Emily and Jackie. We talked and enjoyed each other while reflecting how long we've known each other. More special to me since I moved around a lot growing up.

Oh yes, and we pushed around and entertained a bunch of kids, but not nearly as many as if we had all of them with us. Also, note to self, go back without kids...didn't get into H &M but I did spend a few minutes in Anthro...oh many that store is just crazy awesome. And dumb. Both.

Ever wonder what the largest pink berry looks like? I think its like ten lbs and it was delicious and I wish I had another one right now.

I love this pictures of the cousin girls from tallest to smallest.

Nothing like looking at a gold man in the buff.

So the birthday part that I haven't spoken of is that when I was debating on going to a PTA meeting (yes cause I'm a bit nuts) on my bday, it all became a moot point when I discovered Paisley who had been quiet, covered in poo, hiding in Darby's bed. So their was poop on the floor, on the dresser where she wiped it, covering Darby's bedding, stuffed animals, her giant stuffed bear (you know which one if you've been to my house!), the bed frame and walls.

At which point I threw a bit of fit and cried. Which then reminded me, "Its my party and I'll cry if I want to." It took a long time to clean up, I lost my cool and then felt like crap (ahhaahah!) for getting upset with my cute 2 year old daughter and Jason helped clean up the last of it when he came home. Oh yes, and then we got in an argument (if you post a cute picture of you and your husband on your blog where you look all perfectly happy I think you might be guaranteeing a fight, just the way the world works, yin yang thing). But its all over and there were great parts yahoo and all is well now and dandy.

But poo stinks. Especially a lot of it. Oh yes, and 20 minutest before that she peed on the floor...poor cute Paisley and her busy distracted mama.

Oh yes, and the Luke's 9th birthday, my big handsome boy.
Erin and her kids came out for their spring break on Wednesday.

Ivy had her 9 month check up and she's a chunk at 20.5 lbs...75 percent weight, 25 percent height. 50 percent head.

Vienna loved little Ivy. And she loved our Zucchini and Me movie.

Reagan hit it off with cute Christie and it makes my heart glad.

On Friday, when the kids had no school. We went to Placerita Canyon, Scooters Jungle (a bounce place) and then McDonalds play land. Whew! We had so much fun with the Morleys and I was very tired the whole time but I love my sister in law and she could live with me it was great.

Oh yes, and our toilet broke during it (when we had 4 additional people) and then I got if fixed a day later and then guess what, its Sunday and now all upstairs including showers are all leaking poo stuff so lets just say it wasn't properly fixed the first time. Mental note: only half bath working with 7 people (ok so one is only 9 months, whatever).

I love this picture. Luke carrying Paisley. He was helping me get her in the car.

Us taking up all the swings.

Erin the baby whisperer on our hike. Holding sleeping Ivy. I need to find the picture where she is holding Darby as a baby, it looks the same and she looks like she could be her mama too.

Last but not least, I rallied some girlfriends yet again to eat Souplantation with me last nite. It was delicious, love that empty bowl of clam chowder? And yes I only put flattering pictures of myself on my blog, its the rules. Although I'm very tempted to post a video of me playing my donkey song on the piano since I finally mastered it.

Now really last but not least, my brother got some amazing news this week, which is the longest and best story ever but its his story to tell so I don't want to put it on here. Brandon and Avi will be spending the next five years in Mobile where he is going to be a Radiologist. Very cool. Us Evans all felt very connected this week even though we are all far away.

okay, lied again. Sharla as I type this is in the hospital right now having her first baby...a baby girl who we cannot wait to see and are praying that everything goes smoothly! Congrats Shar and Dal! The youngest McCoy is having a baby!

Ok, now I just remembered one more detail. The weather turned terrible and that totally planned birthday party of Luke's had to be canceled. No plans for reschedule just yet and I'm very proud of Luke for being totally cool with it. I was the one who was all upset cause of all the prep and planning but he was fine. His friend Owen came over instead and played video games.


Beth said...

Oh man!!!! SO MUCH. Darn that poo! And it stinks you had to resched. the bday. That's awesome Luke was cool w/ it. You have a good boy there. I totally understand - so much prep. Soon I will live near you and be one of those people to show up and give you chocolate, or bring your little ones to my house!

RachelAA said...

Awesome week!

Nancy Jo said...

Loved all the pictures and stories! Made me tired reading about it! Sorry about the Paisley accident & your bathroom issues. Hope it gets fixed soon!

LaurieNguyen said...

You should totally post the donkey song!!

the happy thomas family said...

okay - first of all, i'm glad to hear that you had a good birthday. always important :) .

second - last week saw *all* of the drains in our house getting clogged and our toilets leaking. can i just say ... 'feel your pain'? 'cause it was awful. glad to know that it wasn't just me swimming in plumbing hades last week. hope if all those issues aren't already fixed for you, that they will be soon!