Sunday, March 4, 2012

Funny Stuff

Dude in one day if I could remember all the weird and funny stuff the kids say and Jason and I say back.

Here's me documenting before I forget. Funny they are all about me. What can I say, with my birthday week upon us, its all about ME! Mammapalooza Begins.

"Mom your feet kinda smell" Darby

"Mom you are the prettiest girl in the world. and on the inside too." Baylie (she must have wanted something that girl is sneaky, and she only gives out compliments if she is trying to get on your good side...side note we are talking about being pretty on the inside not just the out to try and combat the bedazzlement of princesses).

"You stink Mom" Luke...he got in trouble for that one...he wasn't talking about my smell, he was mad that I turned off the tv for a show I don't like them to watch.

ok, thats all I got for the moment.

my kids are big into jinx and double jinx and triple jinx and infinity jinx and if you break that the person owes you a sodas have actually been exchanged but I think darby owes luke twenty ...he never thinks she wins...its rigged I tell ya.

Paisley keeps peeing on the floor....mental note take her to the bathroom more often.

Most the kids thought my dinner was gross tonite. Chinese chicken salad, potstickers, and rice. Can't always please the critics.

Church was really good today. I love missionary farewells. And Christie bore her testimony. Jason did too and did a great job what I heard in the hall wrangling three bananas children...he cracked two jokes, he just. can't. help. it. (isn't that the cool thing to do with periods now? word I'm cool)

Kindergarten roundup this week, registering Baylie for KINDERGARTEN! I can't believe it.
Lucky for her she takes after me and win the fantastic prize of being the shortest person in her class. Its a coveted position.

We arranged the girls rooms for the bazillioneth time. With five kids, four bedrooms and four of them being girls, its always getting switched around. As of tonite, Paisley is in Ivy's room and Darby and Baylie together although Baylie is super jealous that Darby has a lamp and gets to read in bed even though Baylie now is in the top bunk. Drama.

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Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

I just got these little lamps from ikea for like 10 bucks each to go on my girls walls so they both can have lights for their bunkbeds. I can't find them on the website or I'd send you the link. It has been the joy of their rooms since I put them on.