Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dumb Basketball

So now its kinda like a running joke between us that I hate basketball. I call it dumb basketball. Once a week Jason leaves me for the last 12 years and its not so much that I'm needy is that it always seems ill timed. Like when it was Saturday mornings for years...not early enough to be easy, but late when the kids were wanting their daddy. But let it be noted that while I curse dumb basketball, I respect Jason for loving something and being dedicated...but really its cool that he is so good at something. Even though I curse dumb basketball. Cause really he is good at dumb basketball and I've heard about it all these too. So Luke, you can thank your daddy one day for passing it down to you, or actually you should thank me for marrying him. Your welcome.

Okay, so ya know, I still like American Idol. There are some amazing talented people left and I love the judges. Can watching TV be a talent? By the way I'm also loving Once Upon a Time, I know its flawed and a little cheese ball, but I'm hooked. Tonite I just layed on my bed upon all the clean clothes that I should have put away and instead I ate chocolate and watched TV and tried to stay cozy (cause its cold!)

I'm so mad at all the dumb things California is doing, between Prop 8 and not being able to throw a football at the beach, it sure seems they like to tell me what to do and how things a deity complex or something? Good thing you have great weather, because you're really starting to tick me off. You better watch out, I think one of these kids of mine might just have to go up there and straighten you up one day. I had my first piano lesson. Like a real one. I'd been trying to pick out some songs in the children's hymnbook, but today I got a real lesson from a teacher. I'm kinda nervous to type it on here cause I'm a notorious quitter. But I'm also a notorious re-starter. Also, a firm believer if a good thing comes your way, you take advantage of it and don't pass it up. My most favorite things I've done have been when something fun went past my way and I jumped on board.

Funny stuff that my kids did today. Darby did tell me about how she stunk up the bathroom at school one time and some girls walked in and commented on it. Oh man, I was dying. Played polly pockets with the girls today. They call is PPS. "You wanna play PPS?" Baylie convinced me for like ten minutes that she took off everything but her boots today in the bathroom at preschool and came out and surprised everyone. I couldn't figure out if she was kidding or not for a while but strange things they think of.

Oh yes, yesterday, for the first year I sent no candy valentine's to school. Weird. Darby sent hello kitty pencils and Luke did paper airplanes which he loved cause nobody to figure it out so he had to fold every person's airplane (something we are very good at over here) and he loooooved it. Baylie passed out tattoos. I spit on you Pinterest and your cutesy, adorable ideas. Just buy the pack for two bucks already. But I love you for everything else, Pinterest, we can still be friends.

I gave Ivy some plain macaroni noodles and she was gobbling them up like it was chocolate.

There is so much fun stuff happening in my family (like a trip to Palm Springs!) in the next week I can't even believe it. Plus our anniversary on Saturday.

And next Sunday the biggest and best news of all...a baptism of our dear, cute friend! Oh man I can't even believe it. Its been amazing to watch, see something happening right before you that is so big and watch how the Lord works. I've been lucky to see a number of conversions in my life, but none of which I've been so directly involved. Its so neat to see the light of Christ working in someone's life. Or them learning about it for the first time. Its amazing. And to see how many people are rooting for them. Tons of them. We all have people rooting for us.

I kinda think its like seeing a celebrity in LA. Like you try and play it cool like, whats up, thats the kid from Ugly Betty over here, and like nod to your friend without drawing attention, where inside you are like, OH MY GOODNESS! THIS IS SOOO COOL! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. SHOULD I SAY SOMETHING OR NOT SAY SOMETHING. CAN HE SEE ME LOOKING AT HIM? WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THAT IS! LOOK AT HIM JUST EATING HIS BURRITO AT CHIPOTLE AND NOBODY RECOGNIZING HIM.....And so I usually don't say anything cause I'm totally cool (wink wink). But really, when I am watching the spark of testimony grow in someone's life it is just like that. Really I want to be jumping up and down and hugging them and cheering but outwardly I don't want to totally freak them out. And sometimes I wish I did more cheering in the past. Especially if I hear that the person stopped coming to church or is making other choices. Cause I saw it in them ...and it was real. And ya know what, your life can only improve with staying close to Him. And I need every bit. You may not think you would be missed, but you are missed. Cause everyday is full of ups and downs and kids spreading lotion on all over every place, and peeing on the floor and gross dinners that I tried to cook and stupid broken doors and missing hubcaps that, and yet, there is a bigger picture to all that...that stuff doesn't really matter. What matters is my family, my relationship with Christ, my efforts to make the world a little better ...which might just mean not yelling at someone who totally deserved to be yelled at...oh yes and I forgot to add if my hair looks good, really that is important.

Really, why do my posts always end up talking church stuff? Who knows, maybe its what I think about late at nite.

Crap, Paisley is out of bed. Dang that girl has come out like 10 times. She thinks its like party with mom and dad every nite. And she gets away with it too cause we think she is so cute.

And I love the missionaries. They work so hard, they are out here paying their own way, just to give of themselves and serve. It is the biggest testimony that these humble elders who haven't lived very much of life, can bring the spirit and teach people about Jesus. A miracle! Jason's parents went on a plane today to start their mission in Argentina and what an adventure they will have.

Ok, I better put this girl to bed. Plus Jason just got home from dang basketball.


Beth said...

Uh, oh... you guys have dang basketball up there??!! I guess I'll soon be joining you on cursing that night. I'm sure Adam will jump on that bandwagon if there's room ;)

Nancy Jo said...

Loved this post. Had me smiling about you all the time.