Thursday, February 16, 2012

8 months old

Before we get to big 8 months old, my girls are obsessed with boots. Here are some Linds loaned to us.

I got a surprise delivery on my doorstep of chocolate! (Not from Jason, although he got me some too). Have you heard of this kind? It makes your clothes shrink! How cool, can't wait to show you the results ;)

TAAAAA- DAAAAAAAAAAA! Ivy Lou is 8 months. A crawling fool.
I had grand dreams of awesome pictures, but the girl is way too squirmy to stay still.

We think she is dang cute and brightens all our lives. So glad we 'went for' #5. Totally worth it...she says now that she is only waking up once in the nite.

Yesterday was the first day I let her cry it out for her naps...she did it twice and right on the dot at 15 min she fell asleep...not at 13 min but 15. It was tortuous for me, but at nite time she didn't cry at all when I put her down. Thats like a metaphor for sooo many things and especially kids. Very painful in the beginning but quickly learned and adapted.

Ivy Lou, we love you!


Nancy Jo said...

Love the pictures! You can just see Baylie's confidence in her stance. Ivy is getting so old - darling! Can't wait to play with her.

bro said...

That last picture doesn't not show Jason genes, cute chunker with those two teeth, the chunk is prob a good portion Evans, somebody must have doped my clothes with that chocolate

MissManda-Mae said...

u make me laugh! wish we lived nearby so our boys could be friends (and later so our boys could date ur girls-- that's what joe says) =)

clegger said...

I need that blanket that Ivy is playing on and her owl shirt! SO cute!