Saturday, February 11, 2012

Clouds can't bring us down

Layla is now 1 year old. And so glad we got to see her birthday (and very glad she doesn't live in Hawaii anymore).

Ivy and Layla, just chilling. I think I figured out that they will attend BYU (THEY WILL ATTEND BYU!) in 2029 I think? After all their sisters have been their first so they will so excited to finally go.

Miss Sadie. My kids came home and said, "Sadie thinks she is the boss." Which is hilarious cause she is almost the littlest.

I love this picture. Oh is that us pushing the boundaries on this play house's intended purpose? Yep. Can you spot Luke?

Of course I had to include this picture.

Clouds in California is major news. When the sun goes away we all say, "Say what?"

"My name is Ivy and I'm chubby...ooh yes I'm chubby. Chubby chubby chubby not chewbacca."
Wow this is why you shouldn't blog late at nite. Jason is at the store buying milk and those gross pie things that we love...the ones that aren't pies but are 50 cents and in the wrapper? Ya know, making a late run before its the Sabbath, and we don't shop on Sunday.

who knew we were going to spend half of this Saturday at my sisters on a mini road trip? It was great. The kids had so much fun and Jason got the girls laughing so good pretending the stuffed animals were attacking his neck. Even I laughed.

Ok, so you I was using my friend Amber's phone cause she was driving and I was going to text our other friend we were meeting at store (cause we are crazy party ladies!) and I tried to text 'Holler" but she has an iPhone and I'm just used to my phone so anyway, Mr. Auto Correct changed it to "Hillary." Sooo. My poor friend got a text just saying, "Hillary." and she was like, "What the? " Cause she doesn't know Hillary (and Hillary is dang wonderful and will get a kick out of this story.) So that the Holler/Hillary story and always makes me smile. These important things need to be documented ya know. Did ya have to be there? I swear it was really funny.

K, Jason is back. And heating up a Totinos those things are just pure gross too and he thinks they are delicious. I usually have to snag just one bite.


Hillary said...

Yep, I did get a kick out of it ;) P.S. Why doesn't she know me, lol?

Glad to know that other people meet at the store. I've tried to get friends to go late night shopping with me (Hello! No kids!) with no success so at least now I know that the idea isn't crazy and maybe it's just not their thing. Or I'm not. Hmmmm . . .

bro said...

cute baylie hair. miss sadie, love her sass, cute babies.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for posting the pictures!! Thanks for driving out!! That was fun!