Friday, February 10, 2012

FRIDAY from the stitches checker

Soooo...Jason and I are going to our big valentine's dance together. Crap, why didn't I think to make us match. The next week I am all about doing terribly cheesy, awesomely embarrassing, love stuff together....hmmm...maybe I should request him a song while I'm there?

We are watching Spy Kids, the most recent one, which is actually quite good. Give me great joy to see Carmen and Junie all grown up. Carmen is hot! Saw Midnight in Paris which was a disappointment....maybe cause I heard it was good and was really wanting to see it.

We ate some Arby's, played at the park, and who cares what else cause its FRY-DAY! Holler! Its totally cool to be almost 33 and saying "Holler" and your other mommy friends. I've been telling people I'm 33 for like 2 months now that I forgot I haven't even turned it yet. Ah man, I think about my birthday way too much. I go back and forth between wanting to have party or Girls Nite or just shopping completely alone. Both sound really nice. Or like Christie told me this awesome idea of having a "Brookepalooza" for the whole week...or at least til like the 14th when it turns into "Lukepalooza" .

I think I figured out one of my dream jobs. Stitches Checker. Does your child need stitches? Who do you call? Me, and I'll run over and see if its a tape job, a glue job or a real ER emergency. I would bring chocolate too and remind you not to feed your kids in case you do have to take them in. My friend Sara G was my stitch checker with Baylie and everyone needs one. Luke got his leg glued a few weeks ago and seriously it was only cause I refused to go to the ER (and pay my bigger copay) cause I knew that my awesome pediatrician could handle it even though the office was telling me I should just go to urgent care. Who was right? Me...the stitches checker. Maybe I need to come up with a better name.

Shout out to Layla who turns 1 tomorrow and EmmaJane who is 5 on Monday. Holler!


Amber said...


bro said...

kids growing up, you still got a month almost to bday

Heather said...

When we were kids and anything injury wise happened, my mother would tell us to go get our neighbor who worked at the hospital. It wasn't until I was an adult that I found out she was a secretary, not a nurse.

Phillips Family said...

I was totally gonna say HILLARY too! Haha.

Chris Garff said...

I love the title stitches checker. Good call on Luke's leg. It always helps to have a second opinion.