Sunday, February 19, 2012

12 Years Wahoo!

Soooo yesterday Jason and I have been married for 12 years. And while we didn't take a picture of us which we need to , we took a picture of the babysitters who were at our house less than 24 hours. they arrived at 2:30 p.m. and we left on our date at 3:40 p.m.

We went to the temple, Fuddruckers, saw a movie at the Arclight (Chronicle), and ended up the date doing last minute grocery shopping...we would have had to pay our babysitters $70 bucks and we've never left Ivy that long nor when she was awake so THANK YOU! Plus we got home early enough to play SPICY FARKLE and then go to sleep. We felt bad leaving my mom cause I know she gets no sleep before she goes on a trip and then of course she doesn't just sit on the couch at my house, she cleans and helps. It was awesome. Just so you super jealous of us, we came and our kids were asleep and had baths. Plus they stuck around for Sacrament and was like the best one ever with so many extra hands.

The kids loved loved loved seeing their Nana and Grandpa. Plus Nana has really cool toys (iPod, iPad) with the latest games.

Now they are at my sisters house and we will meet back with them on Tuesday for the First Evans Family Reunion in Palm Springs where Brandon and Avi are flying out on Friday too. We can't wait!

I was playing with the options on IPhoto...these pictures had a 1 Boost and the other one with me and Ivy had antique on it.

Today, Luke and I played some Uno, the girls and I played Go Fish with their crazy home rules which actually work. We ended the nite watching some home movies...LITERALLY, have you seen our movies? Like Burping Bandit, and Zuchini & Me cute to see Luke and Darby small. Good to remember since I'm omitting the parts where those two were driving us bonkers today. We love you (but oh my goodness there was some nuttiness around here...ahh! Darby told me the other day when I told her to stop being silly, "Mom, this is who I am." Oh girl!) Sure seems like either Jason and I was annoyed but thankfully it wasn't both of us at the same time so we have the other one to balance it out. We truly are a partnership, we parent much more depth and comfort and love than we started 12 years ago (although judging by the videos we just saw, we are getting older and its showing). We are not perfect, but we are planning on being together forever.

Wahoo for president's day tomorrow, Jason actually has off which is amazing cause he never does! Happy Anniversary to us!


bro said...

your kids are so cute and pretty and beautiful and handsome!`

Renee said...

Happy Anniversary! So glad your parents are out to help. It's always so great to not have to pay a babysitter. Home movies...didn't you guys make one with us in it? I think at the Northridge house. They are pretty hilarious. Have fun in Palm Springs!

Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Phillips Family said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are an awesome couple!!! Have a great week in Palm Springs! Im jealous! We'll miss ya over here!

Ps. Love the pic of you and Ivy!

RachelAA said...

So great! What the heck is SPICY farkle? We play just the plain ol regular one. Enlighten me.

embot said...

happy anniversary!! you know, like, a couple of days ago.
love that you play spicy farkle, not that i know what that is first hand but... haha!! you guys are rad.

glad you had fun!