Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Us in Agua Dulce

Sometimes places are far away in your head and much closer in reality. Thats how I feel about Agua Dulce. Its really just the next exit. So close. But wow does it seem different. Or maybe cause the Cooke's have like the most amazing place there with excellent taste. It should be in a magazine. Its like kid paradise and so relaxing to be there.

Where else do you get to ride mini horses for crying out loud? It is a little known fact that Jason and I rode four wheelers on our first date...he hogged them then too.

Darby and Baylie got to brush and braid Mandy the Horse's hair, which is like girl heaven I tell you. Especially cause she is so perfectly sized to them.

I'm still thinking I really want chickens. We will see when. All in good time.

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