Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Came and Went

Wahoo Christmas came! The most fun day of the year right? Wow, Christmas is tiring for the mom...maybe a little taste of what Santa must feel like. He must need a major nap on the 26th.

Christmas Eve we spent with my sister's family and brother and then we were solo on Christmas day. Just seven of us and we had lots of fun. The Osmonds came for dinner, which makes our third Christmas dinner together which makes one of our biggest traditions now.

Christmas morning is like a kid experiment. This year I think we did it the best yet, which was a McCoy Evans combo. We opened presents before breakfast, one at a time, youngest to oldest...then had breakfast (eggs and toast) and then opened stockings. Winning!

But seriously though kids don't care how much stuff costs...or how long it took Santa to make it. They like what they like and its always a surprise. Some toys are big payoffs on the big day, others become favorites as the months progress. One day between Santa and I combined, we will figure out...probably by the time they are grown.

I do love Christmas. We ate plenty of treats this month. I don't think we could have listened to more Christmas music. There was a couple of things we missed, but we heartily saw lots of lights, delivered toffee and made the most of the season. We focused on Christ as best we could and enjoyed Santa's visit. But I'm so happy its over. The fuss of it. And can we all pat ourselves on the back for surviving it? Much better than last year but I don't think I've ever been so tired as these last few weeks. Still haven't recovered completely. Logistics and organization was just quite a feat. I can see why moms of very large families (like Jason's) simplify...purely for sanity! Why isn't there a book!

Goodbye Christmas 2011. We loved you. I loved hearing the Valencia Stake Music Christmas program....the most beautiful thing my ears have ever close to angels as I can imagine...Darby and I went together, the day my grandma passed away. I just kept thinking, so thats what it sounded like to those shepherds on that dark and starlit night. Miraculously we landed on the second row!

Now for the pictures.

Here are the kids with some of their loot. They scored. This was Ivy's first Christmas.

Toys that were a hit right now:

Baylie's kid camera.

Darby's kid sewing machine. Now if only her mom was more proficient at troubleshooting it. Guess I'll learn quick. She already made a tiny pillow. And coloring books. Coloring books and a journal. She loved those.

Paisley's new tent. this has got to be like our 5th one. but her first

Ivy liked her new pacifiers :)

Luke got lots of legos which he loves, but he really loves having a watch now. So simple and a total score. He also got a Star Wars video game he loves.


Nancy Jo said...

I loved seeing all the Christmas pictures! I agree, it is way tiring for mom's, memorable for the kids. Thanks for taking time out to fly to Utah for a day. It was so nice to have you there!

bro said...

Cute photos. Luke scored.

Nash said...

we have that lego castle. Vance got it last year and my husband didn't glue it together, now it's in pieces and I don't think there's any saving it. He was probably too young. good luck.