Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Be Afraid Be Very Afraid

Cause we just got fancy. Yep a fancy camera. So you can see us up close and personal. Cause I surely needed to be more personal. Jason did good for Christmas this year....much better than last year. Thanks hon. Now you can see the McCoy mess all the more clearly. More and more and more and more pictures. Yes and I have no idea what I'm doing or how to use it. I don't know iso from shutterspeed, its all greek to me. Seriously, I'm thinking just keeping it on auto.

My goal is to just read the manual.

Oh my goodness we had so much fun in Vegas.

And oh my goodness it really sucks to lose your phone. Even if its not fancy its important.

And oh my goodness its so awesome when you call the restaurant a week later and its there. And oh my goodness I said about a billion prayers and tore up the house looking...I lied, it already looks tore up.

Christmas week was all about being an Evans. And part Dalton.

New Years was all about being a McCoy. And its real fun to be a McCoy.

This boy right here? Well we buzzed all that hair off and he looks mighty handsome.

After being at my cute sister in laws house I want to toss my whole house and start over...but I'm thinking just rearranging the furniture and doing some major organizing will help.

Oh my goodness I've been a crab the last two days. But I can feel the tide changing. Ahhh.....

Dear children, I'm sorry I'm been a big old mean crab. Please forgive me. And while we are at it...could you please stop clobbering each other and help pick up a bit? One woman cannot do all this alone. Seriously we cant just play all day long so help me already. Cause I feel like I live in a tornado. And no more barf. Like for the rest of the year.

Thanks so much, Mom

Dear 2012....Nice to meet you. Lets do double beach time to make up for last year. Last year gave me a baby and a garden and that is tough to beat since she is a dang cute baby.


Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

I think I had the very same conversation with my kids today. In fact, I said, "We can't just play all day!" and then went on some rant about how I ask them to do just one thing and do you know how easy you have it and blah blah blah. It's the new years get your house clean thing and those darn kids just get in the way. :)

Sara Jane said...

Woohoo for a nice camera. That is awesome!

I'm starting with baby steps getting the kids to help. They help me do laundry. I fold, they run it to where it belongs and the boys hang their clothes on hangers.

embot said...

LOVE THIS!! the pics already look amazing! yahoo for auto mode.

love the letter to the kids. i could post that in giant letters on my wall!l