Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome to Mccoyland

How did my picture get to be first? oh well, here's me trying to get a picture with my beautiful baby who was not wanting to look. Lately she has been imitating a rooster with that hair of hers. and she loves eating some oatmeal.

Luke officially has one last football game. Here are some pictures of us at the last one. (and yes we are already planning on skipping baseball, we like our un-scheduled Saturdays as much as watching him score a touchdown)

Darby girl.

Is this the sweetest picture? Oh man I'm so glad this kid is my first born. We needed those muscles. And what a tender heart with his littlest sisters

Baylie got to take home Petey from her preschool. Right now he is sleeping in her bed. Its cooler to take pictures standing on the piano bench, duh!

That cute Paisley just trying so hard to keep up with the big sisters. Just copying them and wanting to do whatever they do.

The girls have been eating a ton of these. I finally got smart and ordered them in bulk via Amazon Moms which is gives me free Amazon prime and I get 30 percent off by doing a subscription. I'm getting addicted to Amazon and that two day shipping. Love it.

My friend Maureen popped over for a short last minute visit and provided lots of entertainment with her two little doggies. The girls chased them all around and held them and let them get kisses. Lots and lots and lots of kisses. yuck.

I don't know if you can see this real well. But its the reading list of Luke's for his homework. See that book he is reading all week. I bought it for him. The boy loves weapons and guns so I thought, hey might as well learn all about them. He also had a lengthy call with my dad asking him what guns he had so Luke could look them up in his book. He loved it. Wonder what his teacher thinks when he brings it to school.

Now this is what my sweet Darby wrote about our family for her homework. Ahhh, I love girls.

I haven't made cookies in a long time. Too long. And these ones have candy bars inside leftover from halloween. Recipe from Pickypalate...ya know that food blog? One day I should list my favorite food blogs, they are like old friends.

Children are sleeping, Jason is at basketball, and I needed to go to bed a while ago.

Tonite I had my temple recommend interview and I got all emotional in it when he asked me about my feelings about the temple. I turned in my well used recommend that I had for two years and got a new one. Lots has happened over the last two years and it makes me wonder what I'll learn in the next two years.


Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! The one with Luke and Ivy is especially darling! The penguin picture - priceless! Cookies sound yummy! Love Darby's writing about the family - neat family!

Nash said...

Have I ever told you Jenny (picky palate) is a friend from HS? I haven't checked her blog out lately because I need to stay away from food. DITTO on AmAZON mom. I have diapers and wipes on automatic delivery and I too LOVE the 2 day shipping. Sometimes it comes the next day. Sweet sweet baby.