Monday, November 7, 2011

reasons why this day rocked

My dinner worked. Success! Thank you pinterest! It was the crockpot potato soup that I had pinned and was the most delicious thing ever and easiest thing to make. Like stupid easy. All the world is right when dinner works out just fine. Maybe not, but it sure sours when ya gotta chuck it.

I got a surprise ten minute visit from our dear friends Misty and Trent as their passing through to LAX before their exotic destination. Ivy loved her.

Surprise Zumba. Did I mention that I'm converted. Yes I love zumba. Who would have thought that would happen. But when does a 32 year old mother of five get to shake her tushie with J-Lo and Pitbull. Not often enough (not really the Jlo part, but seriously we bonded today her and I over our rump shaken). "Moves like Jagger" I've been singing in the house all weekend and I don't even like Maroon 5. Now my kids have been singing it too. "mooooves like jagger.'

Can I go on about Zumba? Why yes I can. Its free. Its at my church with only the tiniest kids at our feet with their strollers and babies and bright lights. The teachers are professionals. My friends go. With laugh as we are doing our moves and trying to be like Becky O. Seriously in my head I am (or maybe not). So many good things about the church in SCV and free aerobics class is one of them. Zumba, I'm sorry I was wrong about you. I love you.

Music class for Paisley at the church (ten bucks for session if you are wondering). She loves it.

Ate some ice cream. Ben and Jerrys.

Am engrossed in the best book. These Is My Words. Other titles considered, "Why I'm glad I live in 2011." What a great book though. Like gone with the wind set in Arizona...but with a much more likeable (and less evil) Scarlett. Hurry and read it. Book club is on the 17th.

Thoroughly appreciate the doctors of the world. Thank you for helping take care of this body of mine. Especially when I talk to my brother and hear how hard it is to become one. Like 37 hours working at the hospital with no sleep. He's in Augusta for another week or so before he goes back to Mobile.

Luke was so cute talking about how mad he was that Alabama lost of Saturday. That didn't happen today but just thought about it. He also had some mad showing at his game where he intercepted the ball when they were going for a two point conversion and than ran it all the way down the field. "Mom, why didn't you get a picture?" Well I did, but he was like the size of an ant.

Reading books with Paisley and Darby. Green Eggs and Ham, Barnyard Dance, Mrs. Biddlebox, the classics.

Called Amber right when she was texting me. ESP.

Went to the park with Baylie and Paisley (since nobody was napping). Ivy tried out the swing for the first time. She was like, 'eh' .

There were other things that happened today, like crap naps, talk backing children (cough...Baylie), but at the end of the day, Jason came home, we had a short FHE, now everyone is sleeping all is right in the McCoy world.

Don't forget to go vote tomorrow for our favorite school board candidate Denis Defigueiredo!


Nathan said...

that does sound like a rockin' day!! hope you have more of those! xo

gay said...

Shoot too bad I can't come to your book club. Read that book and really appreciated many things about it. Oh and rumba....I accidentally found myself in that class once. It was fun but I've been too embarrassed to go back!

RachelAA said...

Sounds like a fantastic day. And you are SO Becky O... maybe even better. But don't tell her I said that :)

Nash said...

i LOVE those books. I think they'd make better movies than Twilight. Good job on the Zumba, I haven't gone yet.

Beth said...

Please post the potato soup recipe!!! Easy and in the crock pot. Awesome!

bro said...

Most doctors don't work as hard as surgeons btw, like half as much or less than that some, rheumatologist like a third as much

Crazy Lady said...

brand watch out you sound like a snob