Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Work in Progress

my neighbor saw me hanging up pictures and said, 'oh good your finally moving in.' thats me. slow but here is progress in getting things how I like them. i want to have one of those walls with pictures in every place. this is one of those things where it would be good to bounce off where for which on another person (Jason doesn't care about such things). or if i ever planned anything or was precise (which I'm not). but like the best mantra ever Claire, wherever it lands is just PERFECT.


embot said...

Brooke, i LOVE this wall. doug and i just put a gallery style thing up on that huge wall in our living room and we battled over his perfect and my imperfect tendancies, so be glad you have don't have anyone to battle. ha! there is no wrong answer when it comes to a wall like this just whatever you want it to be. super awesome.

Lisa -- said...

Love the fact that I am not the only one delayed in hanging pictures (or moving in). I finally got the girls stuff hung in their rooms. My goal is hang the rest by the holidays. We have been in our home a year and half!