Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I need to update this blog of mine but haven't found anything particularly interesting to say.

BUT now that I've had a mommy meltdown this morning and thrown a big tantrum myself, figure nows as good as time as any.

right now Baylie is cleaning her room. She better be at least cause that girl is in trouble. In fact I might vote her the sassiest four year old which she most surely learned from her brother.

Darby, bless the world for Darby, thank you. This is probably not the best mother blog post, which means I should delete it from the blog book, but goodness my children sure seem like spoiled and ungrateful this morning!

Woke up with a headache, Ivy only woke up twice which is good, house is a giant mess (due to the fact that I'm 'organizing'.

Gotta go run at take Baylie to school now. She had to change like four times this morning. just to find an outfit that was weather appropriate, not painfully mismatched or see through. Very grudgingly I will add.

Paisley, always has a smile for me even if I can't get her to stop drawing on herself even though Jason had the gal to say I need to move the markers, like I have any control over anything in this house! It seems to be wild and maniacal and have a five minds of its own.

As I wonder how have I raised such talk backing children, I'm thinking of all the ones yet to be born, three more McCoys babies and two friends whose little boys were born a few days again. Cute little Colin is 1 lb 12 oz! These little spirits seems to have fighting stubbornness inside them bigger than their age or size...and may it be directed at something good! They must need it to conquer what they will face in their lives!

ok so now she is late for school. i better run.

ya and she didn't clean their room.

Funny I didn't mention Luke much cause he is the one who was giving me the most trouble this morning. maybe tied with baylie.


Beth said...

Not that I want any mom to have a bad day, but it's always refreshing to read we're in the same boat!!! I've found myself saying "How does Brooke do it" all weekend, adding this new little one to our lives (mostly b/c you are my friend w/ the most kids ;). I totally get deleting it from the blog book, or not wanting to seem ungrateful for the blessings of parenthood. But this morning I had tears in my eyes from the sleep deprivation and hormones, and it's always nice to read a reminder that, "hey, all us moms are in this together". And of course, thru the challenges of parenthood - we wouldn't want it any other way. Except the occasional weekend in Maui - but still.

RachelAA said...

We discuss this ALL THE TIME - in the future, they will so need these traits that drive us crazy now.

Jenn said...

This is why I'm asking for a punching bag and gloves for Christmas...