Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where is my prize?

haha these pictures of the primary class I teach at church. the 9 year old class. We've been studying the New Testament and I've really enjoyed it. The lone girl refused to do a silly picture.

Here is my key to teaching in primary: TREATS.

okay, back to today. where is my prize for surviving? What there is no prize? This is where I realize the prize is that I got to be alive today and kiss these sweet children. Well I did eventually kiss them all, but it started out really rocky. Really really really rocky. But after a good long cry and a big long bad mood, we did some fun stuff and it cheered up. I sure don't like being crabby mom, sometimes I sure feel like I'm failing at this motherhood thing but I'm not close to quitting (she tells herself). We are bond together this family of mine whether they like it or not! But we survived.

Even ended it well and laughing at Scooters Jungle this bounce house thing. Sure was cute watching Luke take Paisley down the big huge slide. I went once too, it was dang high. Didn't hurt that I whooped Luke at a game of air hockey 7 to 1 (the 1 was a cheap shot) where I banged out all my frustrations on the puck and was holding Ivy with one arm too. Did ya hear that Luke? Your mom beat you with one arm! (ok so I guess technically air hockey only takes one hand but whatever) I can never touch him on the Wii so I'll take what I can get. Now if only I could beat your dad oh then glory would be mine!!!!! WahhhhhAAAAA!

Here's where I let Paisley paint her own nails so I could clean out a cupboard. Maybe not my smartest move but she loooved and hey it was an off day for me.

Here is little Ivy showing some skin. She now can pull her shirt over her head and then is like "Woe! Where did everyone go, help help, get this thing off my face!" Its pretty funny. I shouldn't think its funny but it is.

Yea cleaned a bunch of laundry and its still sitting in those baskets in my room. What? I got to put it away? Shoot where is my magic wand I tell ya!

May we have a better one tomorrow.

p.s. As of Sunday, Luke has officially had 'the talk' . Felt strongly it was time. If I keep having the same thought after I say my morning prayers for a few days then I start to realize someone upstairs is trying to tell me something. Went well. I was a bit all over the place. I was pretty nervous but now I think what for? Yes you heard that, I did it by myself. Jason is going to do a follow up one in a few days to answer any questions. Our family is going to be an open book I tell ya. I really liked that I could ask my mom about anything and hope its the same for us.

The best part was that I had to bribe him with two mini almond joys to agree to it cause I'd been warning it was coming.


Sara Jane said...

Glad the day ended well. I hate off days, heck I've had off times at times, which isn't good.

You are one great mom to give your son the talk all by yourself!

Renee said...

Jared and I have been going back and forth on whether to give the talk. I might call you for some advice.

I just want to squeeze that little Ivy she is just so dang cute!

LaurieNguyen said...

Brooke, you are such a great mom! I am constantly amazed and in awe of your wisdom and the love you show your kids. :)

Amber said...

You gotta put some pictures of Scooters jungle up. Did the video's come through?

Laura said...

I am just glad I am not the only one. It's only 9am and I have already had a good cry and been a crabby mom.

bro said...

you are tough, not sure if i could the talk that early

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

You are a wonderful mom my dear! Love all the pictures - especially Paisley's nail painting. And a BIG shout out to you for having "the talk" with Luke. I'm all for the open book/communication thing - it's the only way to go these days :)

English Garden said...

I just read the "how to talk to your child about sex" book by the Eyers, (I'm assuming thats the talk you had:) they suggest age 8, for me thats in March, I'm very nervous but I can see that its time, I totally wanna call you too to see how it went. Did you just have a good ole chat in his room?

Cute nails by Paisley too, Sara loves to paint her own nails, being older she actually does a decent job and I have taught her well, in the bathroom on a paper towel, she had a friend over one day and when I went to check on her they were in the bathroom and Sara was painting both of their nails. Miss seeing you Brooke.

Crazy Lady said...

miss you too claire. i read the eyer book too not that one but another one where they said 8 too. i noticed a big jump in maturity from 8 to 8 1/2 in my opinion so don't get so hung up on exactly being march. but seriously just wait and pray about it, you'll know when you need to. i just wanted him to find out from me and not kids at school.

Lindsey said...

That is most darling class you have!! Go Paisley for painting her nails. That is such a funny visual with Ivy pulling her shirt over her head. Your kids are always advanced getting dressed themselves!

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