Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Update

The Morley's came to visit us, from Arizona, before their weekend fun at Disneyland. Even more special because it was Reagans 13th birthday! My girls love their big cousin Reagan and Darby said, "Reagan and I are the same because she likes cats and likes to draw." They stayed the night and one of these days we will actually go to Disneyland with all our friends and family who are already going there.

Paisley pulling little Layla in the wagon at Lindsey's house. This was from Thursday. I love having my sister here and so do my kids, no stitches can change that.

All five before church. Right before family prayers I made them hurry and take a picture first. Paisley got a haircut from Aunt Erin and its darling.

Vienna and Alex both got a picture with little Ivy. Luke and Alex are the brother they both don't have and Vienna and Darby play great together.

But hands down lately, its Darby you will find loving on Ivy. She is a great big sister.

Baylie has recovered from the emotional trama of getting stitches (if there was any) and told me she was wearing flip flops to school so she could show them off. She isn't supposed to run or jump which is close to impossible and we had a scare of infection over the weekend which was diverted by just making her rest and elevate her leg. But seriously this four year old girl doesn't know how to stop moving...I mean she can sit for her fair amount of movies and tv, but doesn't want to do it too long. So I'm just praying constantly she makes it til we can have them removed before they split or can heal properly.

I've been trying the, "Baylie, you'll have to go back to the hospital if you jump off the bed again," and she says, "Mom, when you are gone I jumped 50 times." Awesome.

Luke's favorite thing to say lately is "mom cut it out.". Which he usually say when I'm singing or being cooky or embarrassing. So I say " what Luke you want a boring mom?". He says he does. Too bad for him.


Nancy Jo said...

LOVE all the pictures - especially the one with all the kids before church! Can't believe Baylie's comment about jumping. Hope her wound heals : )

embot said...

You had one crazy busy weekend! Looks like so much fun. Except for the stitches, of course.

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

Wish we could have been there! miss you guys