Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 is the magic number

Look its a bird, its a plane, its...



Stitches strikes again. And guess who? Baylie! for the third time and the only McCoy kid to ever get them. On her ankle. Five. Like a dime sized hole by her ankle bone with a flap...does that gross you out or what. Well, Baylie was awesome. So brave and did really well.

We were at my sisters and poor thing had to watch all the kids while I took her to the ER.

Want to hear something freaky? All three times Baylie has gotten stitches has been in the month of October (last time was 2008 but whatever). October is jinxed I tell you!

Shoot, its hard to make decisions in times like that, thankfully Lindsey was there. Couldn't decide to get it stitched up there or drive home (in rush hour). We stayed there and then by the time we drove home the traffic was great.

Wahoo we survived! I'm getting good at the comfort and talk through maybe? Or helps that she is now 4.

Previous to our ER trip though.. it was so fun and I had a personal best driving time to Upland in like 50 minutes I swear (takes me 30 to get to Pasadena). The kids were so excited to visit their cousins during fall break. The kids were all jammin and shaking it to Just Dance Kids on the Wii and then there there was blood and then its over and we are home now.

I figure it was bound to happen sometime in our life for our kids to get stitches at each others houses, lets just call it good for a long while.

Oh man, that was a wild end to the day. Oh yeah, and she can't run for a week...thats gonna work. She is really excited to tell everyone at school tomorrow.

oh yes, so she tried to jump over a broken outside lamp while walking on a short retaining wall, got cut by glass. All it takes is one kid to do that and now I bet no kid will walk on there again, ha! Good for something!


RachelAA said...

Man, I thought you were going to leave out the 'how she done it part' - crazy day!

Maria said...

"They're all mine and it ain't no picnic."--totally thought of you.

Amber said...

Ahhh...poor thing. Sounds like quite a tough day. Glad it's all over and hopefully you're recooping okay. Sorry I missed your call AGAIN yesterday. I was in a Stake Primary meeting.