Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Wednesday

Piano lessons started today for the oldest two kids.

My mom and Courtney took a roadtrip this morning starting in Orem and at the end of the day are at Lindsey's glad they are in Cali. Not bad with three kids under four.

Crap, just remembering I need to take my shot.

Jason is playing basketball.

Luke got an award at school last nite and my camera died right before he went onstage.

Goes perfectly with the fact that I missed the last two awards he has gotten for the last two years because he forgot to tell me about it (the latest one was last week).

Baylie Baylie. What am I gonna do with you? "Baylie, you CANNOT climb on (insert dangerous thing)....remember YOUR STITCHES."

BAYLIE : I don't care about my stitches

Me: Well, if you don't take care of them you'll have to go to the hospital and cut off your foot (ok, so extreme circumstance but I'm grabbing for anything to scare her)

BAYLIE: I don't care if they cut off my foot

Me: Really?, you don't want to have a foot

BAYLIE: I don't care

Dear Ivy, I doubt you will this time in your life, but just know you got held and smiled at ALOT. But that yesterday Baylie stepped on your belly and today she banged your head when she was trying to JUMP OVER YOU! and so when you read this, tell her she owes you another apology and kiss because you mother is still not over it. Good thing that Baylie is so cute. And she is not allowed to play the Wii tomorrow either.

Much love, Mom


RachelAA said...

hehe cute post

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

I need to take my shot too but I still have never given it to myself. I'm still a chicken. I'll probably have my friend do it tomorrow morning. I know. I'm a whimp.

Tanya said... post, I love your crazy house :D, makes me feel like the insanity at my house is okay...

Andrea said...

Okay I totally loved the note to Ivy - you make life sound so fun but still real, even though I'm sure it's hard to have those 5 young ones. Cute post.