Thursday, October 6, 2011

For my memory

This blog is my journal of sorts...and yesterday needs to be documented.

Yesterday I had a visitor. A friend I have had for a long time, before we had any babies. She is busy, very busy. In fact, my closest friends seem to be that way, talented, busy woman (this one is also the relief society president in her ward...that means she oversees the woman's organization of the church for her area which keeps her very busy).

Anyway, Jackie came to visit me, and we hadn't seen each other in a while. I warned her I was on a new diet, but she didn't care and brought me a yummy famous apple torte. And dinner. And her famous salad. Which she totally shouldn't have and I wouldn't have let her come if I knew, but that is Jackie. And then stole one of my children for about 8 hours. Darby had a blast at her house and thought she was so cool to be there with Kelsey by herself. That is good friend who I probably can't repay (and if you know me I'm all about repaying, wink wink).

Thanks so much Jackie for making my ordinary day special.

After she left I had a boost of energy (probably from sugar and also from the five hours of asleep I had gotten, thank you Ivy!!!! its about dang time) that I cleaned out and organized my closet while listening to conference talks (during nap time of course) and then hung a bunch of pictures on the wall. It was just great.

While I do love the parenting talks from general conference, they were what this tired mom needed to hear, I think I have two favorite besides those.

President Boyd K Packers talk directed to the youth (but I still got so much out of it). He compared his youth with youth of today. He is 87. He said that we will not do any great sin without being warned against it. Makes me think of the warnings I've had in my life.

And President Uchtdorf's talk.
How we are the dust of the earth and yet God is aware of us and loves us and cherishes us.

Both are from the Saturday morning session.

Okay, I had to take a break to go yell at my kids who were fighting upstairs and supposed to be cleaning their rooms. FYI...Luke thinks he is the other parent in this house.

Okay I had to take two breaks.

Now I hear Ivy awake, better go now. Wait I think I hear someone getting her, better go check to see who it is.

If you do one think today, listen to those talks. Better than a nap I tell you and not much is better than that.

Darby just asked if she could get Ivy, she is okay at least for a few minutes.

Now she just brought her down the stairs to me.

See a six year old McCoy at this house is like the third in command. Wait fourth if we count Jason ;) What number does that make me? Why co-chair of course...or at least I try.

Thank you Jason for working so hard so I can stay home with these babies. I love it. We might never have fancy cars or take fancy trips, but its just great.

After feeding about my I on the wagon again. After seeing some video footage of me from this weekend, oh my goodness, its time.

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Beth said...

YAY for Jackie and her wonderful food and awesomeness!!!! Glad you got a break.