Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Humor

Lindsey is here and its so much fun hanging out with her again after a few years and re-getting to know her kids. We went to a pumpkin patch by me and it was pretty nuts trying to keep track of everyone and holding babies.

The cows were real friendly.

But its cooler now, what we can't where flip flops and shorts anymore everyday? Really you still can, just have to bring a light jacket too.

If you are ever lucky enough to meet little Sadie, you will be tickled, the girl is full of life.

Can you see that at the top? Luke hugging Darby!

And here is Darby with her best pal Ashlynn (Emberlynns big sister)

ok the rest of these pics were funny to well do you know your pop culture?


bro said...

too cute photos, look forward to being tyhere

Lindsey said...

Thanks for posting these. That was fun! I am still cracking up at those cows mooing and some of those displays. xo

Nancy Jo said...

Loved seeing all the pictures! Had to take a double take of Luke and Darby on the hay : ) It was fun to see everyone together. The angry bird display was really funny!