Friday, September 9, 2011

Southern Utah Trip

Okay so how does a boy get his shoe looking like this? Nice Uncle Garlan fished it out of the mud for him.

We had so much fun with the Brandon and Cori (and Mackenzie, Cannon, Carter, Keaton and Brinkley), Garlan and Amanda, Amberli and Darek (and Atticus and Beckett).

The kids had a blast and when I asked Luke what his favorite parts were he said swimming and looking for lizards (not the Wii, hooray). It was so relaxing just to be away from regular life and out in basically the middle of nowhere, also helped that the house was really nice.

Four of the McCoy brothers, Spencer is missing. This is in order of age as well. Can you see Paisley peeking?

Cori gave Paisley the cutest little princess twins for her birthday. So age appropriate, she loved and fed them the rest of the trip and in the car.

Luke wrestling with his dad.

We drove through Zions National Park and it was gorgeous. Very nostaglic since the last time I went there was with my dear college how things have changed for me but not the mountains. I kept making the kids look at stuff and Darby says, "Mom, mountains are not beautiful." I'm guessing only flowers fall into that category when you are six.

Here are only two McCoy families! Sheesh! Okay, so we are the only two McCoy families that have five kids so no wonder it looks like so many. Here is our last picture on our way out.


Maria said...

Looks like lots of fun!

bro said...

i agree with darby. dry mountains = not cool, and those are even only rocks, probably less than that, more like dried clay ; p