Sunday, September 11, 2011

As you are getting dressed

Oh this was funny...I hope you get that its tongue n cheek.

For all those wondering about what Mormon women should wear or can wear with our Mormon underwear. I regularly read cjane....but her Vlogs are my favorite by far.

And I am dying to go to the free Rooftop Concerts they regularly have in Provo, so if you live close you better go for me! Ya hear that Courtney, Maria, Claire and Renee...and Jana too! Maybe you should go together. I already told Amanda she had to. Did I miss anyone? Yes, Amy Hawks you better too! Shoot, I think my cousin Alison should drive down and go with you Court... Andrea you and David totally should. and you all better dance like us super hot modest Mormon girls do :) Maybe you'll run into some of my favorite BYU students there too.

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Nancy Jo said...

Hilarious! I will have to watch more....